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How to play Minecraft in 2021 for the first time

If you are entering the wonderful world of Minecraft for the first time, you should know that there are several ways to start playing Minecraft in 2021, both wherever you want, and in the way that seems best to you.

So that you walk through the game for the first time, in the fastest way and that you do not have too many difficulties at the beginning of your adventure in the game, we have gathered here 10 tips, which will help you a lot on your journey.

How to play Minecraft for the first time in 2021 (10 basic tips)

1. Never run out of resources

resources minecraft

Explore the world and collect resources to create weapons, armor, food, tools, and building materials.

Certain places (like the underground) have rarer materials, such as obsidian and red stone, but it is necessary to have the right equipment to get there and of course it is advisable to have a high level and good equipment to survive.

2. Replant the trees you felled

trees minecraft

When cutting down a tree, destroy the foliage and collect the shoots from the destroyed tree, as it can be used for replanting.

To replant, dig a hole two blocks deep and place the shoot, which will grow into a much larger tree than if you plant it in a hole one block deep. It will take a day to grow into an adult tree.

3. Don’t build a wooden shelter

stone shelter

Wooden shelters are not safe enough, the three little pigs know that very well. Do not be fooled by the most abundant material, do not use it to make your home, as it will be vulnerable to fire attacks and zombies that burn in the sunlight.

If your shelter catches fire, you will lose everything you have stored in the shelter, listen to this advice and build it in stone.

4. Avoid going out at night at the beginning of the game.

night minecraft

Explore at night? Going out at night to explore, when you are a novice player in the game, is a bad idea.

In addition to your level being low and you most likely still do not get good equipment and weapons, the number of enemies and monsters that roam in the dark is much higher. So, prefer to stay in your sheltered shelter (don’t forget to put a door in) and stay safe until the sun comes up.

5. You should always have food in your inventory

food minecraft

Like any real life adventurer, you need energy for your adventure. This energy comes from food, so you should always have a reserve of food in your inventory when you go exploring.

You must always be attentive to your hunger index. If your character starves, you will lose all your items, so he will try to keep you well fed.

6. Create an infinite water fountain

water minecraft

You can create an infinite source of water by digging holes in the ground, obeying the following principle: the hole you must use to draw the water must be connected to two more water source blocks. For example, dig a 3 x 1 hole 1 cube deep (picture above) and fill both ends with water, which will fill everything. If you always draw water from the center, the fountain will never run dry.

7. Create your own farm

farm minecraft

As you collect materials, you will also find seeds that you can use to plant.

By planting seeds, you can create a farm and have both resources to produce more food.

The farm will attract animals but you can also raise animals, to gain more resources and experience.

Over time you will be the owner of a farm and you will have materials and food at your disposal, as long as you know how to keep the plantations and the animals always in good condition.

8. Know what to create

As its name implies, Minecraft is a game in which the main mechanics are the extraction and elaboration of elements and tools. With the right materials, such as wood, iron, stone, etc., you can create building elements, weapons, armor, etc. However, it is necessary to combine the raw materials.

9. Avoid fights when possible

Although it seems easy to face and defeat enemies, from the simplest to the feared (and short-tempered) Creeper, it is not recommended to engage in combat at low levels, without decent armor and weapons. That is, he prefers to flee from any enemy while learning to handle himself in Survival mode.

10. Be free to create and explore

The greatest quality of how to play Minecraft is your freedom. In Survival mode, the watchword is to survive, while Creative mode offers free creation tools. Your imagination is the limit.


Minimum requirements

Minecraft has multiple versions for numerous systems. There are two versions for computers, one for Windows 10 and one for macOS, Linux, and earlier versions of Windows. Here you will know what are the minimum requirements to play Minecraft, on each device.

Bedrock or Java?

Minecraft has two different versions for computers, which are as follows:

  • Bedrock Edition: available for Windows 10, video game consoles and mobile phones;
  •  Available for macOS, Linux, and earlier versions of Windows.

Although both versions are paid, the main difference between them and the fact that Bedrock Edition is the main version of Minecraft, optimized for current platforms. As such, it receives updates and fixes prior to Java Edition.

Finally, the Java and Bedrock versions do not communicate with each other, so whoever plays Minecraft on Mac, Linux or older Windows, cannot interact with players on Windows 10, consoles and cell phones.

Minimum requirements


Component Minecraft Bedrock Edition Minecraft Java Edition
Processor Intel Celeron J4105 1.5 GHz, AMD FX-4100 3.6 GHz or equivalent Intel Core i3-3210 3.2 GHz, AMD A8-7600 3.1 GHz or equivalent
Video card Intel HD Graphics 4000 ou AMD Radeon R5  Intel HD Graphics 4000 ou AMD Radeon R5
RAM memory 4GB 4GB
Disk Space 1 GB 1 GB
Operational system Windows 10 version 14393.0 Windows prior to 10, macOS or Linux

Recommended settings


Component Minecraft Bedrock Edition Minecraft Java Edition
Processor Intel Core i7-6500U 2.5 GHz, AMD A8-6600K 3.9 GHz or better 3.5 GHz Intel Core i5-4690, 3.5 GHz AMD A10-7800 or higher
Video card nVidia GeForce 940M ou AMD Radeon HD 8570D GeForce 700 series or AMD Radeon Rx 200 series (excluding integrated chipsets) with OpenGL 4.5
RAM memory 8 GB or more 8 GB or more
Disk Space 4 GB ( SSD recommended) 4 GB (SSD recommended)
Operational system Windows 10 version 14393.0 or later Windows prior to 10, macOS or Linux

How to play Minecraft on PC?

You can buy the computer versions of Minecraft in two ways:

1-On the official website, minecraft.net (Bedrock and Java versions);

2-By Microsoft Store (Windows 10, Bedrock version).

If you have a PC with a version of Windows prior to 10, with a Linux distribution, or a Mac with any version of macOS, to play Minecraft you will have to buy a Java edition. Bedrock Edition is reserved for Windows 10 on computers.

Reasons why you should play Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game in which you have to survive in a world made up of blocks, animals and monsters. That’s it. A man in an unknown land, surrounded by creatures and with plenty of room to let his imagination run wild. All the land in Minecraft can be destroyed and turned into materials to build other things, whatever else you have in mind. Believe me, anything.

Creativity and freedom

Did you find a very high mountain and wanted to build your house on top? Build it! Do you think a pyramid in the middle of the desert would be fun? Build it. Do you want to build the stone castle? Forge a pickaxe, mine the rocks and build a fortress any size you want. There are no limits to your creativity.


The main goal of Minecraft is to exercise your creativity, but you need to create your own ways to survive in this world, which is not friendly at night.

When it gets dark, all the creatures go hunting and, in fact, you are the only food they seek. During the day you have the pleasant company of cows, pigs and chickens, but at night you will find skeleton archers, zombies and the fearsome creeper.

Creeper is the type of monster that makes you have nightmares at night, this green creature quietly approaches and explodes, probably killing you and destroying something you have built. The damage can be irreparable.

The best way to protect yourself against the night is to build your own safe place, something you can call home. An earthen house with a stove and a bed will do, but the idea of ​​being able to build a supermanage with a fountain and fireplace is tempting; Make yourself at home. Buildings generally start with just the basic necessities and the benefits appear without you even realizing it.


To mine and build everything you can imagine, you will have to forge (crafting, in-game) various equipment, using the collected materials. The creation system can be intuitive at times, but most of the instructions for creating items or equipment are quite difficult to figure out on your own.

Without a tutor to show you how things work or without looking up recipes on any website, it will be virtually impossible to build a pickaxe or a sword. Nothing that is not solved with 5 minutes of research, but it would be interesting if there was a way to find out in the game.


To be successful you will have to explore, either from the surface or underground. And the experience of exploring is something very rewarding in the virtual world of Minecraft.

Every time you start a new game, a new world is created, using a random seed or one of your choice, and these worlds are unique. While one seed can give you a world full of mountains and ice, another can place you in large, flat and arid areas. The variety of biomes is great: between forests, deserts, frozen mountains and swamps, there is enough to see in every world that is created.

To mine it is necessary to explore the subsoil, which is full of caves and abandoned mines, which contain many treasures and dangers. Through the caves you will find precious minerals and some creatures more dangerous than on the surface, such as poisonous spiders and slimes. So prepare for battle, sometimes you can die.


Download Minecraft in its latest version, either for Windows, Mac, Linux or mobile devices in the following link:

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