Download Minecraft Error 437

Minecraft Error 437 is a corrupt and scary version of Minecraft just like the famous Minecraft Alpha 0.0.0 and Minecraft Error 422 versions. To play any of these versions you cannot lack courage and bravery.

Minecraft error 437 creepy

From the moment you start playing you will realize how strange this Error 437 is, because of the strange appearance of the start screen and how version alpha constantly changes to another number, the buttons that constantly change color and the changes in sound volume, sensitivity and difficulty without you touching anything.

error 437 minecraft download

In addition to the inverted crosses, the absence of creatures, the floating vegetation, the signs with strange Chinese symbols, you will have little or no lighting at night, so we recommend that you cut all the trees in the area and make as many torches as possible.

Minecraft Error 437

Another important tip is to have a bucket of water because the game can set you on fire absolutely at any time, without warning and as if by magic, the other possible option to avoid being incinerated is to stay close to the water.

Minecraft Error437_08_02 error

Also the blocks blink and will be replaced by multicolored textures, which will not stop changing color and as if this were not enough, you can not pass this version, as the portals explode when you enter it.

Download Error 437

error 437 page home

We do not recommend you to download and run this version, as we do not know who is its creator, besides it is simply terrifying and it has not been confirmed if it is a sister version or the evolution of Minecraft Error 422 so there is a high chance of finding Herobrine or his brother Errorbrine.


Minecraft ERROR 437 is CURSED edition

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