How to find the Entity Zero in Minecraft? – Download Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3b

What is Entity Zero and how to find it? Download Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3b

Minecraft alpha 1.2.3 b entity zero minecraft

Since the first versions of Minecraft Alpha, the game developers were already talking about creating an enemy strong enough to face the players, which was superior in resistance and damage to the existing creatures, achieving it without looking for it in Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3b.

Minecraft alpha 1.2.3b entity zero minecraft

The creation of this project was given the name “Annihilation” and they started writing the code but they never finished all the characteristics of this creature, they added some characteristics of behaviors and artificial intelligence based on the zombies adapting it with the Enderman.

Minecraft alpha 1.2.3b entity zero minecraft

However the Annihilation project was left unfinished and of course also the code of what we know today as Entity Zero, which was merged with the Minecraft code and no one in the programming team found the bug in the Annihilation code that allowed this project to merge with the original Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3b code.

The merger between the Annihilation project and the original Minecraft code meant that with each new update the Annihilation code grew in the shadows as it was abandoned as a project by the developers and something dark grew exponentially in the code leading to the birth of this creature known as Entity Zero in the Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3b version of Minecraft.

Minecraft alpha 1.2.3b entity zero download minecraft

How to invoke the entity?

To invoke the entity you need to write in a sign the following: as shown in the following image:

entity 0 0 0 invoke

How to find Entity Zero? Download Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3b

The reality is that the entity zero is found in the version of Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3b more easily, in fact we are sure that in the following download button, where we leave this version for you, you will find the Entity Zero, although we do not recommend it.

Link 1:

Link 2:

Link 3:

If you are not very brave, do not play this version, as it will scare you a lot, with its rapid appearances and what it will do with your world, it will destroy it completely.

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