Cannot find Minecraft 1.19 Optifine FIXED

In this article we will show you how to fix the following Optifine error “Cannot find Minecraft 1.19.1“. This error prevents you from installing Optifine because your “JDK” or “Java File” is not working properly. Steps to fix the Optifine error : Cannot find Minecraft 1.19.1 1-The first thing to do is to download Optifine. For your convenience you can access directly to the official Optifine page and download it from the following button: 2- Then you should open the Minecraft Launcher program and inside you should click on Java Edition, in the menu you will see a tab called

How to FIX Something Went Wrong in the Login Process? Minecraft

In this article we will show you step by step how to fix the error Something Went Wrong in the Login Process when we try to access our Minecraft account. We will show you the definitive method to solve the error, functional in both Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems. 1- We will go to the search bar of our operating system, in Windows where it says Type here to search and look for the following Services. We will accede to Services by clicking. 2- Inside Services we will have to slide down with our cursor and find the

How to fix Exit Code 1 Error in Minecraft? (Exit Code -1)

In this article we will show you how to solve the problem Exit Code 1 or Exit Code -1. 1- The first thing to do is to open the RUN program in Windows, to do this we use the keyboard shortcut Win + R and type the following “%AppData%“, without quotation marks, as shown in the following image: 2- A new folder will open in which you will have to look for and eliminate the folder named “.minecraft” or in other cases if you do not have this folder you will have to eliminate the folder “.tlauncher”. After deleting the


If you are trying to play Minecraft and after running “Tlauncher” you get the following message “Failed to connect to the server. Failed to login: Invalid session” here we will show you how to fix this error on Aterno servers. 1- The first thing to do is to open the Aternos page in your browser. Keep in mind that the server must be disconnected (“Offline”). Inside ATERNOS we must click on the icon with the shape of a pencil, as we show you in the following image marked with the red arrow. 2- Once inside the server properties, scroll down until

Fix Error Code 0x803F8001 Minecraft Launcher

In the following article we will show you how to fix the Minecraft Launcher error: “Minecraft Launcher is Currently Not Available In Your Account. Make Sure You Are Signed In To The Store And Try Again Here’s the Error Code 0x803F8001“. 1- The first thing to do is to go to the Windows start bar and type “PowerShell“. The PowerShell program must be run as administrator, to do this right click on the application with the same name and then search and press the option run as administrator. 2- When the PowerShell application, which I remind you must run as

Badlion Client Java Agent Error Fix

In this article we will show you how to resolve the Badlion Client error that says, “Offline BLC . You are not using the Java agent, so this won’t launch!” To solve this Badlion Client error follow the steps below: 1- The first step is to go to TLAUNCHER and click on the gear icon to go to settings. 2- In the section called “Selection java:” you must click on the “Change” button and in the window that will open you must paste your default java path. Where it says “Name” just put any name you like. In the section

How to Fix Lunar Client Error Java launch fail?

In this article we will show you how to fix the Lunar Client error: “Java launch fail. Lunar Client has failed to launch. A report has been automatically submitted“. The steps you must do to fix this Lunar Client error are simple, just follow them to the letter, as we indicate below: 1- Open the “RUN” program, either from the Windows start button or through the keyboard shortcut “WIN + R“. After the “RUN” program opens, you must type the following: “lunar client”. 2- It will open the folder where you have installed Lunar Client, which is called “.lunarclient“. Inside

How to Fix Lunar Client Extract Failed Error?

If when you try to open Lunar Client, it does not open and you get the following error: “Extract Failed. Is the game already running?“, in this article we will show you how to solve this annoying error. The solution to this error is really simple and silly, you just have to open the task manager if you are in Windows, find the application “Lunar Client” and close it. Then as a final step you just need to restart your computer and reopen the “Lunar Client” program and you will see that the problem has been solved once and for

How to Fix Privilege Error? Minecraft Dungeons

In this article we show you how to fix the following Minecraft Dungeons error: “Privilege Error Cannot play due to being Online Play restricted”. This error does not allow you to play online with your friends and really causes a lot of headaches. 1- You must access the official site of Xbox, that for your. greater comfort you can enter pressing in the following button. On the website you must enter with the username and password with which you usually play Minecraft Dungeon. 2-  Then you must go to your profile to do this click on the image with your

Fix Minecraft Launcher Login Error 0x87DD0013 – Windows 11

In this article we will show you how to fix Xbox Live login error “Error 0x87DD0013” on Windows 11 and Windows 10. This error has become very common in Windows 11 and you will get an error message in Minecraft Launcher that says the following: We Couldn’t Sign You In To Xbox Live 0x87DD0013. 1– In the Windows 11 search bar type the following: Minecraft launcher and then right click on the Minecraft launcher application and open “App settings”. 2- Scroll down until you find the button called Repair. Click on it and try Minecraft again. 3- If this does