Download Minecraft Beta 1.0-bt or Bot Test

Minecraft Beta 1.0-bt (Bot666)

Minecraft bot666

Minecraft Beta 1.0-bt or also known as Bot Test, is a test version of Minecraft that was leaked on the net before being officially released. At the end of the article you will find the download button with this version, but first let us tell you what you will find when playing this version.

Download Minecraft beta 1.0 bt

In this version as well as other scary versions like Minecraft Alpha 0.0.0 or Minecraft Error 422. In this version the Entity is known as Bot666.

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You will also encounter entities that do not attack or chase you, you will simply encounter Bots with strange behaviors. Such Bots look like normal players that suddenly appear, watching the player and if you get too close to them, a cobblestone building will spawn in their place.

Minecraft Beta 1.0-bt download

Also in this version you will see that peaceful animals will attack each other, as well as zombies will devour each other and at night there will be no moon. Also the weather will go crazy and change from night to day and vice versa.

The “bots” have the skin of a player and there is a very low chance that they will attack you, they only occasionally attack and they will do so using tools (hoe, shovel, pickaxe, sword). Try to escape if they attack you but it is difficult, as they move faster than the player.

Another strange thing that happens is that the blocks placed by the player can disappear, but it is possible that this is done by bots.

Download Minecraft Beta 1.0-bt or Bot Test

 Download Minecraft beta 1.0 bt. or besta test

To play this version you only have to download the file in the download button and then run it.

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