How to speed up time in Minecraft

In Minecraft, how to speed up time

You have had a lot of fun in the “cube” world of Minecraft over the last time, a game you play more and more frequently. You feel, though, that certain in-game activities take too long and you’d like to complete them faster. It’s like that, isn’t it? Do not worry then: you have come to the right spot!

speed up time in minecraft

In fact, I’ll explain how to speed up the time in Minecraft in this tutorial by showing you how to do tasks such as farming faster, but also how to adjust the time of day, all taking into account both the game’s Java version (available for PC only) and the Bedrock version (available on consoles, mobile devices and Windows 10 PCs).

Hey? So? Are you ready to begin with? My guess is that in a much quicker way, you can’t wait to carry out crops and several other operations. Then you’ll find all the necessary directions below, Bravery. That said, I don’t have much left to do but wish you a good read and enjoy it!

Preliminary Data

I think you would be interested in learning more about this possibility before going into the specifics of the process on how to accelerate time on Minecraft.

Ok, there are two “ways” to do this: the first is to change a game rule so that any things are performed more quickly, and the second is simply to change the time of day.

The latter process, however, does not allow you to speed up in-game activities, such as farming, because you simply turn to another part of the day immediately. However, for example, if you just want to miss the night, it’s nice to use the shift in time instead of the game rule.

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In reality, with some Minecraft game mechanics that depend on time to work properly, changing this value may potentially lead to inconveniences.

Don’t worry, in any case: you don’t need a mod to achieve your goal. You simply need to use in-game commands, in reality. By the way, both the Java PC edition of Minecraft and the Bedrock version, accessible for handheld devices, Windows 10 and consoles, are similar.

For the rest, I would remind you that the Tick is the time measurement unit in Minecraft. In the physical world, a tick equates to 0.05 seconds. In simple terms, you need 20 minutes in the real world to hit the 24,000 ticks that equate to a day within the Mojang tag. Is that obvious? Well, let’s get to the action then!

In Minecraft, how to speed up time

I will say it’s time to take action and show you how to speed up the time, after describing what the possibilities provided by the game are.

After starting a game in Creative mode or with commands allowed, open the console to enter them (for example, the T button on the PC keyboard), type /gamerule randomTickSpeed 1000y command, and press Enter.

set time minecraft

You have altered a rule in the game that affects the time of the crops by doing so. The randomTickSpeed rule was previously set to 1 or 3, but you make the crops much faster by updating it to 1000.

I suggest using the /gamerule randomTickSpeed 1 command to see the results, so you can go back to a normal value and set up a crop. Access your inventory (for example, the E button on the PC) to do this and switch a Stone Hoe to the Fast Items menu.

Then, on a few blocks of soil (e.g. right-click on PC), use the hoe and plant pumpkin seeds on top of the hoed soil, which you will still find in the Creative Mode inventory. Of course, you can also use other forms of seeds.

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tickspeed minecraft

Open the command console at this point (for example, the T button on the PC) and type the randomTickSpeed 1000 /gamerule command, then press Enter. Ok, you’ll see that the plants are going to grow much faster than normal.

You’ve learned to speed up time in Minecraft right now. Of course, you can adjust the final command number to make it faster or slower.

Just be careful not to enter values that are too high, as the game’s fluidity could potentially decrease and lead to some “bugs” in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, how to change the time of day

Oh, excuse me? You’re not going to make your crops easier, but you just want to make the time of day change, maybe make the dreaded night pass (or maybe relive the dark hours experience)? No issue, I’m going to explain how to do it immediately!.

change time minecraft

In this scenario, once the console commands (e.g. the comic book icon on mobile devices) are opened, simply type /time set nighty and press Enter to enter Minecraft night. In short, everything is very easy.

There are also, of course, other options you can use with this command. Just type /time set day to turn to day and miss the dreaded night, but the option to use noon and midnight is also available.

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