Minecraft JAVA vs BEDROCK: What is the DIFFERENCE and which one should you buy?

In this article you will understand the difference between Minecraft JAVA and Minecraft BEDROCK and we will also show you the advantages and disadvantages of both so you can choose for yourself which one you should buy, solving all your doubts about prices, resources, updates, playability, available servers and much more. The platforms on which you can currently play Minecraft are Java and Bedrock. Minecraft Java: Available for all computer versions with Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. Minecraft Bedrock: Windows 10, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Iphone and Android. Below we will detail each of the advantages, disadvantages and

Minecraft Frogs Beta WILD UPDATE

The frogs from Minecraft 1.19 are now available with the new Minecraft update and are colored in white, orange and green depending on the biome. Minecraft brings new features related to the Wild Update version or Minecraft 1.19, and it is the new pacific mob, the frog that together with the tadpoles will give more life to the swamp biome, besides being the first cold-blooded creatures in the history of Minecraft. Frogs are found in the swamps, being a mob with few life points, with an extremely slow mobility, but nevertheless with the ability to make big jumps.


Copper in Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs part 2, begins to be generated in layer 100 and its generation increases if we descend. Between layers 60 and 30 most of the copper is generated in Minecraft 1.18 being this the best place to mine and find copper. Dripstone caves: Copper is found to a greater extent in a biome of the dripstone caves type, where its generation increases to double in this type of caves. In addition, these caves can be easily found high in the mountains or in the deepest caves. In dripstone caves, the chance of finding blocks

How to Find Gold in Minecraft 1.18 part 2?

Gold in Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs part 2, can appear from layer Y256 to layer Y-64, but has a higher concentration below layer -8 in badlands biomes. Normal biomes: In a normal biome the gold is generated from layer 32, but in these levels the gold is very separated causing that it is more delayed to find gold. The best place to mine in a normal biome is between layers -8 and -32. Badlands biomes: However, the highest concentration of gold will be between layers -8 and -34. Layer -16 will have the highest amount of gold, because in

How to Find Emeralds in Minecraft 1.18 part 2?

Emerald generation in Caves and Cliffs part 2 is still rare in terms of generation, but a layer has been added where emerald generation is more likely. Emerald generation only occurs in mountain biomes and is still sparsely generated as in previous versions of Minecraft. The layer where more emeralds are found is layer 230, but still with a very low radius of generation. Something curious is that between the range of layers 200 and layer 125 you will not find emeralds because their generation in these layers is almost null. The deep slate emerald is even rarer to find

How to find Coal in Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part 2?

The generation of coal in Minecraft 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part 2 has changed, since the heights were modified and therefore the generation of all minerals. The first thing you should know is that it is now more difficult to see the coal with the naked eye without digging at least a few meters, as it is now hidden. Coal has quite a large distribution range, you can now find coal from the Y0 layer to the Y256 layer. However, the layer where there is the highest concentration of coal is the Y96 layer. From layer Y256 to layer Y136

How to turn a zombie into a villager in Minecraft 1.17 and 1.18?

Zombies are able to infect any villager, turning them into zombie villagers. If you cure them and transform them into healthy villagers, these villagers will provide us with great discounts for any future exchanges, in gratitude for having cured them. Requirements to heal a zombie villager and obtain advantages in future exchanges: A weakness casting potion A golden apple Turning a zombie villager into a healthy villager requires the following steps: 1- The first thing you must do is to catch the zombie villager but you must make sure that it is not exposed to the sun and that the

How to find Axolotls in Minecraft 1.18 caves and cliffs part 2?

Axolotls in previous updates only appeared in dark places where there was water regardless of whether it was in the river or in a cave, but this has changed with the new update Minecraft 1.18 caves and cliffs part 2. To find axolotls you must necessarily go to the Lush Caves, which means that axolotls will now only be found in the Lush Caves biomes, with 2 to 6 axolotls being found there. An interesting fact is that the axolotls appear in the same biome as the squids, so if you find the squids, you will also find the axolotls.

How to Find Iron in Minecraft 1.18 part 2?

While before the release of the new update the Y12 level was the best place to mine ores, this is now no longer the case, with layer 256 being the best layer to find iron. Now with Minecraft version 1.18 the minerals assume a kind of triangular distribution pattern with their generation rates increasing or decreasing. With this new update we will be able to find iron in the mountains and in the caves, the former being the best option. Iron now starts to be generated in the mountains from layer 80 to layer 256. The higher up we are,

How to remove blocks in Minecraft with commands?

Do you want to build something in a world that is not flat? Is it full of mountains that don’t let you build? Are you tired of removing block by block to clear/destroy the terrain? We have the solution to your problem, we are going to teach you how to flatten terrain and remove blocks using the /fill command. With this command we can remove an entire mountain or make giant walls. 1- The first thing to do is to open the command bar in Minecraft, just press the “T” key on your keyboard, in some versions it may be