Download Minecraft Hex 3

Minecraft Hex 3 – Download

Minecraft Hex 3 - Download

This version is the sequel to Minecraft Hex 2, being this version difficult to survive, plus you will encounter the entity 6d69737363696e67 and many strange things.

The world of this Hex 3 version has floating trees without leaves, which are also burning in what seems like an eternal fire that never goes out and of course crosses made of obsidian and signs warning you that you should not be playing this version.

Minecraft Hex 3 - Download

The entity 6d69737363696e6 has a very strange form, it is similar to Steve but Zombified and with a very strange face, at the beginning it will present itself with Steve’s form but it will transform itself until it transforms into this zombified creature.

Minecraft Hex 3 - Download

The entity that calls itself 6d69737363696e67 is really scary and will communicate with you asking if you need help and warning you that the night is dangerous but do not trust it is not friendly at all.

Minecraft Hex 3 - Download

The creature will also be present on your forehead and you will not be able to move, but it will not attack you either, in its head an unreadable message with symbols and numbers will constantly change.

Minecraft Hex 3 - Download

The difficulty of this version focuses on the mobs are resistant to damage making them too strong and also their attacks take away a lot of hearts.

Download all versions of Minecraft HEX:

Huggy Wuggy,Giant Alex, Far Lands and Seeds with all biomes

If playing Error 422, you should also try to find the Giant Alex, through a cursed seed, the following article:

Download Poppy Playtime map for Minecraft and escape from Huggy Wuggy:

Download Xray Ultimate 1.17.This texture pack will allow you to find all the minerals that exist in the game, with an impressive ease because it makes invisible all the blocks except for the blocks with minerals:

You may also find it interesting how to get to the end of the map in Minecraft and what lies beyond the far lands:

If you want a very rare seed, where you will emerge on an island surrounded by absolutely all biomes you should check the following seed:



Download Minecraft 6.6.6

Download Bluebrine or Minecraft Alpha version 1.2.6_02

In version 1.2.6_02 of Minecraft, Minecraft players are told that the creature Bluebrine appears:

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