Minecraft Chaos Edition 1.0.0 (ChaosCraft) – Download

  Here you can not only download Minecraft Chaos Edition 1.0.0 (ChaosCraft), we will also show you the secrets and how to find the entity that inhabits this version. Just like other hidden versions of Minecraft, in this one there is an evil entity that will try to destroy you which will be present if you find the sign shown below: To find the sign and the entity that inhabits this world you must go to the water looking for somewhere where a wooden column protrudes, where you must dive until you reach the cave of the entity. The place

Minecraft Black Edition (V.2)- Download

This remastered version stands out from the original Black Edition (V.1), being scarier and more fun. It brings together the mysticism of the first Alpha versions of Minecraft, with little visibility at night and a lot of fog during the day, which makes it very similar to playing the original version of Minecraft but with some surprises. Of course there will be thousands of trees without leaves and messages with indecipherable codes sent by the entity that inhabits this world. This should not surprise you since there are many scary Alpha versions that have evil entities with the same behavior.

Minecraft Error 422 Remastered – Download

Many people think that there is only one version of Minecraft Error 422, however there are two. You can download the original version by clicking here, however if you want to download the remastered version, read on. In this remastered version of Minecraft Error 422, everything changes, the start menu, the entities you can face, the terrain and the hostile mobs. This remastered version brings together entities such as a Giant Zombie, the Ender Dragon, several enderman in the overworld and the Error 422 (Glitch) Entity itself. In this version you will also face the Ender Dragon in the Overworld.

Minecraft Haunted World – Download

Here you can download the mystical Minecraft world known as Haunted World. This terrible and scary world has several entities, crypts, red torches, stone crosses and strange signs. This world seems to be corrupted, with strange and half-built constructions. If you play this world in Minecraft version 1.11.2 you won’t regret it. You will even find mystical temples in the depths of the water, trees floating in the air and many other things out of the ordinary. Download this world in the first download button, for Minecraft 1.11.2. However if you want to download it for version 1.2 go to

Mcaenrfit Btea 1.3_01 – Download

This is a cursed version of Minecraft known as Mcaenrfit Btea 1.3_01 where strange entities inhabit that although scary, seem to be very shy but they are not. These creatures tend to disappear when you approach them but it will only happen the first few times, because if they insist on approaching you they will attack you with their axe and a macabre smile on their face. It is a very challenging version as your health bar will vary constantly, at one moment you may have two hearts when from one second to the next it will go to 10

Ocv115 or Alpha 1.2.2c – Download

This is a very peculiar version because the further you move away from your spawn point the crazier things start to happen and the more likely you are to encounter the creature that inhabits this version. Moving away from your spawn point will mean seeing how the world seems to be getting corrupted and if you decide to keep exploring you will find the creature known as Ocv115. If you look for it in the files in the installation folder you will find the creature in the mobs folder under the same name ocv115. How to enter Alpha 1.2.2c? In

Download Minecraft Hex 3

This version is the sequel to Minecraft Hex 2, being this version difficult to survive, plus you will encounter the entity 6d69737363696e67 and many strange things. The world of this Hex 3 version has floating trees without leaves, which are also burning in what seems like an eternal fire that never goes out and of course crosses made of obsidian and signs warning you that you should not be playing this version. The entity 6d69737363696e6 has a very strange form, it is similar to Steve but Zombified and with a very strange face, at the beginning it will present itself

Minecraft Hex 2 – Download

This is the Minecraft hex 2 version which is not to be confused with its predecessor, the Minecraft hex.exe version. The Minecraft hex 2 version brings new features to the game. Minecraft hex 2 is the sequel to Minecraft hex.exe and in this version there will be no Steve with a white block on his head. What you will find in this version is Herobrine or maybe a trick of the mobs themselves posing as Herobrine because you will find many of them and they are very easy to defeat. However you must be careful of a Herobrine that has

Minecraft beta 1.10 – Download

Beta 1.10 is the version of Minecraft that came to replace the scary version of Minecraft known as Beta 1.9 Prerelease 2. This version comes to solve the mobs with strange figures that had the previous version. However, in this version you will find stone crosses, leafless trees and stone pyramids. The only strange thing in this version are the textures of the Sun and the Moon, but really all the mechanics and operation of this version is quite normal, similar to the old Alpha versions. If playing Error 422, you should also try to find the Giant Alex, through

Minecraft Release 1.1 – Download Creepypasta

Minecraft Release 1.1 the version where the entity known as Null was born and here you can download. This is one of the first versions of Minecraft which sought to update and improve the artificial intelligence of the mobs, without knowing that the Null entity would arise from this update. In addition to the NULL entity, the update was not publicly released to players at the time because the update caused hostile mobs to attack each other and in the particular case of zombies they devoured each other. But not only the zombies caused this terrifying behavior, but also the