How to find The Walking Tree? Minecraft Creepypasta

In this article we will not only tell you the true story about “The walking tree”, we will also tell you how to find the walking tree in Minecraft. This terrifying phenomenon occurred when a group of players looking for a safe place to build their base, had no better idea than to build it in a birch forest, one of them proposing to build a house made of trees. Among the many birch trees, they came across a special and really big one that stood out from the rest, a giant spruce tree, which is very rare considering that

Download Minecraft But There is Custom Steak

With this data pack the steaks and meat you get from killing the animals will give you custom steaks, gold steaks, TNT steaks, end steaks, ground steaks, among others. Therefore to start using it you will have to obtain the meat of some animals, cows, pigs or the animal you prefer and combine it with minerals in the way I show you in the following image. Do not eat ground steak as it recovers all your health but also poisons you. Of course the gold fillet will give you a lot of gold, exactly nine blocks of pure gold, that

Cartoon Cat Minecraft Java Data Pack 1.16 y 1.17

The Cartoon Cat data pack for Minecraft. Downloading this data pack for Minecraft 1.16 and 1.17 you will add Cartoon cat to your world. Be careful, it is a hostile creature that will chase you relentlessly. Cartoon Cat can spawn anywhere in the world by attacking you by surprise or if you are brave enough you can summon it. If you don’t wait for it to spawn naturally you can summon Cartoon Cat, with the following materials: One Book One Phantom Membrane Two Paper One Black Dye To summon it, just throw these materials on top of each other and

Minecraft but you can Craft Infinity Stones-(Infinity Gauntlet)

With this datapack for Minecraft 1.17.1 you can have the Infinity Stones and have the same powers as Thanos, the mad titan. You will be able to alter time, teleport, eliminate everything and everyone with a single touch. To have the infinity stones and to be able to use them with the gauntlet you will not have to look for them in the world, you will only have to elaborate them and with each infinity stone obtained, you will obtain its powers gaining unique powers like those of a god. Only if you find all the stones you will be

Minecraft but the World Changes every 60 seconds- Data Pack

With this data pack the blocks will randomly change to a different type of block, which means you will never know what each block is going to give you because everyone changes every 60 seconds. All the blocks in this world will automatically change to something random after one minute or 60 seconds. As you walk around the world around you it will change to the type of block at that moment which can be honey, earth, gold, netherite, stone or any type of material including crystal. When the block changes to crystal you will be able to see everything


Treecapitator data pack get wood and cut down trees easily and much faster. With Treecapitator breaking a single log will bring down the entire tree. This makes clearing forests and clearing land with a single axe more efficient than using a flint to burn everything. Also if you burn it you will not get any wood however with Treecapitator you will get all the wood and apples. This data pack therefore focuses on two objectives: saving time and getting wood fast. In addition, this data pack can be customized, i.e. it allows you to configure which trees you want to break

Minecraft but everything you touch turns into DIAMOND- Data Pack

With this data pack everything you touch becomes diamond. This data pack is very useful to quickly achieve the goal of killing the dragon, as is the data pack “Random Blocks Drops“, which has the same purpose. It is available for versions 1.16 and higher. The world will start completely normal but if you press F5, everything you touch will turn into a diamond. If you touch a tree it will turn into diamond, the ground will turn into diamond, the chests, the ovens, that is, all the blocks will turn into diamonds, absolutely everything. The difficulty will be to

Minecraft, But Item Drops are random and multiplied

This is a data pack for Minecraft 1.16 and 1.17 and as the name suggests, everything is random. It is so random that breaking a log of wood can give you diamonds. You can even chop diamonds and get just dirt. With this data pack the blocks you destroy will release a completely random element. So all the blocks you break are multiplied and are also random, everything you break, will become a random element. Now some spoilers, if you break leaves you will get carpets, if you break the carpets you will get apples but this is only a

Custom armor icons for Minecraft

This data pack for Minecraft colors the armor slots on your health to show what armor you are currently wearing and currently works only for JAVA. You may wonder what the green icon is, it is the turtle shell helmet. With this data pack you will give each armor type a unique icon in the action bar, improving the graphical interface and armor design, for a nicer visual appearance. This data pack for Minecraft works with multiple armor types, helmet, iron plate, diamond gaiters and leather boots. It even works for netherite and you can use it in multiplayer mode,

How to set RANDOM DROPS in MINECRAFT? 1.17 & 1.16

This is a very interesting data pack that makes everything we are going to make random, it is available for Minecraft java from version 1.13 to 1.17. The procedure is very simple we must enter the Minecraft Randomizer website that I leave in the following button: 1- Minecraft version: in this section you must choose the version of Minecraft you own. 2- Randomization seed: here we can put the seed that we want to play. This does not mean that in the world that you are going to play it has to be the seed that you wrote here, this