Minecraft Alpha D3ATH.exe

Download Minecraft Alpha D3ATH.exe

minecraft death .exe haunted version

Minecraft Alpha Death.exe is one of the haunted, lost and scary versions of Minecraft. If you are brave and courageous enough you can download it in this article and find the creature that lives there.


Be warned that in this version of Minecraft you will find “Null” a completely dark creature, characterized by a terrifying psychopathic smile and yellow eyes.

Of course the creature will find you, you won’t need to summon it or look for it, it will not only play with your mind, it will also make you lose all your inventory.

DEATH.EXE fire trees

It won’t be long after you start playing that something strange will happen, a new player will join your world, and the following message will be visible in the center of your screen: “Now playing: C418 – 6465617468343034“.

Now playing: C418 - 6465617468343034

After this message appears the creepy roars will not be long in coming, the creature (Null) will emerge and your heart bar will be at zero.

Download Alpha Death.exe

To play this version just click on the executable .exe and enjoy the game, if you have more questions about the installation in this article we explain everything.


Discover and play in the lost version of Minecraft known as Error 422, where you will play in a chaotic world, where nothing is what it seems.

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