Bluebrine or Minecraft version 1.2.6_02

Download Bluebrine or Minecraft  Alpha version 1.2.6_02

bluebrine in minecraft 1.2.6_02

In version 1.2.6_02 of Minecraft, Minecraft players are told that the creature Bluebrine appears, created from a corrupted version of Minecraft in the same way that the creature Errorbrine was created in Alpha version 1.2.6_01.

As happens in the world where you find Errorbrine, in this version you start in a world surrounded by fog, with little visibility. Burning forests will be common.

Burning forests minecraft

As in all the creepy versions of Minecraft you will not be able to change the difficulty, you will not be able to play in multiplayer mode and of course the crosses will not be missing.

Even if you are playing without friends, at nightfall a message will be visible on your screen saying the following: “Now playing: C418 – 13″.

minecraft alpha bluebrine

You will find netherrack or bloodstones but they will be on fire.

netherrack on fire minecraft 1.2.6_02

Bluebrine will also play with your inventory, at a certain point in the game you will lose everything you’ve got, from minerals to tools and you will have to save them again.

minecraft 1.2.6_02 download version creepypasta

Be careful when disappearing items from your inventory, because when this happens more than three times BLUEBRINE will pop up with its big blue eyes, jump away and disappear again.

how to find bluebrine in minecraft version alpha

Download Bluebrine or Minecraft version 1.2.6_02

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