Download Minecraft Test 1.20

Minecraft Test 1.20

Minecraft Test 1.20 is a secret version of Minecraft, not recommended to play at night because it has screams and creepy noises.As if this were not enough, this is the version in which you will find Herobrine or he will find you.

You will start in a world that seems to have been generated in the same way, with separate blocks of different colors and some floating blocks.

Download Minecraft Test 1.20

You will not find enemies or animals in this world, but in spite of being deserted, as you go through it you will start to hear very strange sounds and some flickering on the screen.

ava error minecraft test 1.20

Try stepping on the red blocks and you will see what happens. If you want to see the map and see where you are you must press the number 9 on your keyboard.

number nine to see the map minecraft

If you don’t want to find Herobrine, I don’t recommend you to play this version, because he will find you in a certain region of the map and this is what you will see.

red herobrine test 1.20

Only Herobrine’s head will appear for a few seconds accompanied by a deafening noise and an explosion and then disappear again.

Download Minecraft Test 1.20

If you are feeling brave today you can try this creepy pasta by downloading it from the following button:

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