Download Minecraft 0.0.0 Alpha-The Haunted Version

Download Minecraft 0.0.0 Alpha

minecraft alpha 0.0.0 download

Upon entering Minecraft Alpha 0.0.0 you will encounter a foggy world with very low visibility.

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minecraft DIE hunted version minecraft

The creepy part happens when you find the first sign that says “I will change your fate for the worse DIE“, from there things will get worse for you, as you will hear terrifying screams closer and closer to you.

I will change your fate for the worse DIE minecraft

Keep in mind that after you start finding this kind of posters the scary things will start.

If you get scared and decide to leave, the game will not allow you to do so and you will have to press the Alt + F4 keys to get out of this world.

minecraft alpha 0.0.0

Trees will burn for no apparent reason, even in the air.

At night the world will start to fail, you will see a storm but without rain and as if lightning will strike every second making it difficult to see the game.

inverted cross minecraft alpha

You will also find constructions in the form of inverted crosses that added to the fact that the game has no sound, except in specific parts where you will hear screams, make this version much scarier than normal.

I advise you to lower the volume of your computer because when you hear the so-called death scream, the volume will be very high and it is likely that your minecraft will stop working and you will have to restart your computer.

Download Minecraft 0.0.0 Alpha version

How to install and play Alpha 0.0.0 ? To start playing this version, once the download is complete, simply double click on the downloaded .exe file and the game will start. If you want more information on how to play, read the error 422 article on how to play these alpha versions.

We have more scary versions similar to this one like Error 422, Delta 0.0.0, Hex 3 among others that you can discover by clicking here.

If you found Minecraft 0.0.0 Alpha version interesting you can take a look at the creepy versions of Minecraft, like the Error 422 version.


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