How to create and open a Minecraft or Minecraft PE server in Aternos?

Something really new that brings the version of Minecraft PE in Aternos, is the possibility of being able to play in a totally open and customizable society. You will be able to create an appearance, and with that as a premise we are going to learn how to make and open a Minecraft or Minecraft PE server in Aternos. Essentially Aternos is an excellent site with which you can create servers, it is free and has enough specialized support to ensure enough fun time. In order to conceive and then open this server, you must consider two factors: 1.- It

Minecraft Servers for Adults, without children

Compilation with the best Minecraft servers for adults, where children are not accepted. This is an adults-only server where you can build your own home on a private island in the sky. You can also choose your biome and jump off your private island to explore a new jungle every day, full of unexplored expanses, mysterious caves full of minerals, villages and fortresses. You can take home what you collect, where you can build away from the monsters. Each player gets a free personal island in the sky, you choose the biomass of your island (desert, jungle, ice peaks, etc.)

Plugins for Minecraft (Essential)

In this article we will see a list of plugins that are very useful for your Minecraft server, we have plugins on how to protect your server, how to make it more beautiful, all with their respective download button so you don’t have to search for them one by one on the Internet. All plugins in this article are fully updated for Minecraft 1.16. This is a very important plugin and will provide chat load and economy to other plugins i.e. VAULT will work as a link to other plugins can be interacted with through this plugins we can use

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How to create a Minecraft server

Learn how to create an original Minecraft server and what you can add to your games with friends through multiplayer. Playing online in Minecraft is getting easier every day. In the past it was necessary to create some kind of cheat to be able to interact with other players, but today it is possible to use the official servers, through the Realms service, and invite people to play multiplayer. Learn how to create a Minecraft server and have fun with your team. Minecraft Realms is a service that allows you to create private servers in Minecraft. However, it is a

how to create a server in minecraft

The best Minecraft servers for PC

  One of the best options that Minecraft has and that make it even more fun, is the multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode in Minecraft allows you to access servers created by other people and each one of them with its own characteristics, mods, resources, objectives and minigames. In this article we have selected the best Servers for Minecraft in 2021 so you can play Minecraft on your PC and find new friends. All servers below are up and running and updated for Minecraft 2021 (versions 1.15 onwards). To enter the server, simply enter the menu Multiplayer> Direct connection and,

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MINECRAFT Pocket Edition Servers The version of Minecraft Pocket Edition, also known by its acronym Minecraft PE, is a version of Minecraft for mobile devices, which makes it possible for you to play Minecraft on Android, iOS, Fire OS and Windows 10 Mobile. The main purpose of Minecraft PE is the same as the PC and console versions. As a player you are free to create a virtual world following the guidelines of the game mode you choose, from this version you can choose various modes such as creative and survival. Playing in the Pocket Edition you will have the

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Free Minecraft ATERNOS Servers Minecraft is known for being an open mode construction game, where each of its players have the possibility of creating different types of blocks, also allowing their destruction, that is why when playing Minecraft they It makes it necessary to use the best server to enjoy a better online gaming experience. We leave you below a compilation of the best Aternos servers to play Minecraft totally free, of which you will have to choose, different game modes depending on your preference. Before enjoying the best Minecraft Aternos servers for free, you must create an Aternos account

Servers Minecraft 2020

The best servers for Minecraft 1.15 and 1.15.2

Servers for Minecraft 1.15 and 1.15.2 It is difficult to choose the best servers for Minecraft 1.15 and Minecraft 1.15.2  since currently, a new server comes out every day. However, some servers are more used than others and what makes a server good is the number of modes or minigames they include. Therefore, here, you will find a compilation of which are the five most popular in Spanish speaking and we will detail the advantages of each of these servers. Top 5 Minecraft 1.15 Servers 2020 This is one of the most popular servers in Spanish and even in

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The Best Survival Minecraft Servers in America

The Best Survival Minecraft Servers in America KastCraft 1.15.2 KASTCRAFT is a survival server, however, unlike other servers, it remains simple, keeping the server updated and with monthly events. Its main feature is that it focuses on the community, through voting and surveys on the status of the server. It also has a unique land claim system and the economy is based on labor. The IP is the following: The Discord channel is:   SurviveWithUs  1.15.2 It is a server that has its beginnings in 2018, oriented to survival mode. Among the main characteristics of the server we