Download FABRIC Api 1.18 for Minecraft

FABRIC Api 1.18 is an essential mod for most mods available in Minecraft 1.18 to work properly. In other words, you must have Fabric installed before proceeding to install any other mod. It won’t be necessary for all mods, but for some mods it will be essential for them to work. In the case of installing only the Fabric API, this would not be necessary. Other mods will need to be installed. Fabric Api for Minecraft 1.18, allows us to play with the mods for Minecraft version 1.18 that are for FABRIC, this is important because without this application called “Api”,

Download Optifine 1.18 Mod for Minecraft

By downloading and installing Optifine 1.18 you will greatly increase the speed with which Minecraft runs, improving the FPS and increasing the configurable graphics options in the game, making it more customizable and optimizable, ideal for those who have a PC with low resources or simply would like to get the most out of their computer. OptiFine for Minecraft 1.18, focuses on improving the performance of the game and adding new optimization features and it doesn’t matter what computer you have, you will always notice an increase in FPS. Optifine also allows us to add Shaders to Minecraft improving the

Minecraft.Nobody.exe The Cursed version

This terrifying version of Minecraft is one of the most famous and interesting creepypasta, and in this article we will not only show you its curiosities, but you can also download it. You will notice the strangeness of this lost version when you enter the game which has black buttons. Unlike other creepy versions of Minecraft like the Errorobrine version, here there is no fog covering everything, but the sky will be cloudless and you will find only one type of animal on the map, wolves. Finding signs with the word “null” and strange screams will be very common. You

Minecraft Alpha Death.exe

Minecraft Alpha Death.exe is one of the haunted, lost and scary versions of Minecraft. If you are brave and courageous enough you can download it in this article and find the creature that lives there. Be warned that in this version of Minecraft you will find “Entity Death” a completely dark creature, characterized by a terrifying psychopathic smile and yellow eyes. Of course the creature will find you, you won’t need to summon it or look for it, it will not only play with your mind, it will also make you lose all your inventory. It won’t be long after

Download Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3_03

Alpha version 1.2.3_03 of Minecraft is one of the versions where Herobrine made his first appearances, there is a lot of speculation as to how Herbronie came about, whether it came from a file or was developed on purpose, but the truth is that since Alpha 1.2.6_01 and Alpha version 1.2.6_02, there are already stories of his appearance. In this version, as in the previous ones mentioned above, you will have the opportunity to see Herobrine. The world in which this version starts is covered by a thick fog and leafless trees, which indicate that something strange is living there.

Bluebrine or Minecraft version 1.2.6_02

In version 1.2.6_02 of Minecraft, Minecraft players are told that the creature Bluebrine appears, created from a corrupted version of Minecraft in the same way that the creature Errorbrine was created in Alpha version 1.2.6_01. As happens in the world where you find Errorbrine, in this version you start in a world surrounded by fog, with little visibility. Burning forests will be common. As in all the creepy versions of Minecraft you will not be able to change the difficulty, you will not be able to play in multiplayer mode and of course the crosses will not be missing. Even

Download Minecraft Error 633

When you start this spooky version of Minecraft, you will immediately notice how creepy it is when you see the startup menu and the tetric music. Of course the stone crosses could not be missing. You will find some of them if you explore the world. When the night is done the following message will become visible to you “ERROR Unidentified object in player location.Fixing.” Minutes later the screen will begin to flicker and turn red, until a message warning you that you should not be there will appear in the center of the screen. Also, the sound will be

Minecraft_hex.exe CreepyPasta

Minecraft_hex.exe is one of the lost versions of Minecraft surrounded by mystery and terror. When you start the game you will notice it immediately because the music that plays in the start menu plays in the opposite direction and the minecraft logo will slide down. You will not be able to play it in multiplayer mode, when you enter servers you will notice that it will send you to the main menu again or it will enter nonsense letters. To play the game enter single player mode. The game will not allow you to run so you will not be

Errorbrine or Alpha 1.2.6_01

This creepy version of Minecraft is known as ErrorBrine or Alpha version 1.2.6_01 because while you are playing a new player will enter your world uninvited, and will call himself ERRORBRINE. You will start in a foggy world with little visibility, but as you start walking you will see human-shaped figures in the distance, but as you get closer, they will disappear. The creature will keep appearing multiple times during the game, especially near the cross-shaped blocks. Also, as you progress further and night begins to fall, multiple warning signs will pop up with the following statement “ERRORBRINE JAVA ERROR

Download Minecraft Test 1.20

Minecraft Test 1.20 is a secret version of Minecraft, not recommended to play at night because it has screams and creepy noises.As if this were not enough, this is the version in which you will find Herobrine or he will find you. You will start in a world that seems to have been generated in the same way, with separate blocks of different colors and some floating blocks. You will not find enemies or animals in this world, but in spite of being deserted, as you go through it you will start to hear very strange sounds and some flickering