How to play Minecraft Upside Down? Upside Down World Minecraft

Do you know the haunted seed that turns your world upside down? Have you ever wanted to play Minecraft but upside down? Would you like to reverse gravity in Minecraft? How to play Minecraft upside down? All this is possible in Minecraft through two seeds but you can also do it through a MOD and a Map. Here we bring it all to you, seeds, maps and mod. Here are two seeds that will turn your garden upside down. First seed (1388831): The cursed first seed is 1388831, and has been nicknamed “world upside down“. Why do they call it

4coffins MOD Creepy – 1.16.5

Do you believe in mysticism in Minecraft? What if I show you a really scary Minecraft mod, in which the paranormal lives? A long time ago a website reader sent me an email in which there was a link to a creepy mod and resource pack called 4Coffins for Minecraft 1.16.5. I decided to give it a try and this is what I found in the 4coffins horror mod for Minecraft 1.16.5. The 4coffins mod adds three creepy entities, terrifying sounds, chilling screams , stone crosses and underworld animals, which will make your game much scarier. The 4coffins mod for

Download Mine Little Pony Mod for Minecraft Bedrock?

Mine Little Pony Mod for Minecraft is one of the most fun we can find. If you are a fan of both franchises, you can’t miss trying it. When we are looking for a mod we have to be especially careful where we download it from. There are some malicious people who fill the file with viruses and can damage our computer. One of the most reliable sources where you can download Little pony mod for Minecraft is on GitHub. Although this is a platform where the community itself makes changes to the programs, there is some security. Remember that

Download UHC Mod for Minecraft (Mobile & PC)

Only the most hardcore players will dare to download UHC mod for Minecraft. The ultra hardcore mode is designed for those who are looking for an extra dose of adrenaline. Do you want to know how to download this version? Keep reading and we’ll tell you how to install it. To download UHC mod go to the download buttons below, you can download it for mobile devices and for PC: After downloading the application for your cell phone, we proceed to install it. To play from your pc you must have installed an Android emulator, such as BlueStacks. Therefore, to

How do you get to the backroom in Minecraft?

In this article, we will not only show you how to enter “The Backrooms” in Minecraft, we will also tell you how it all started and its different levels. If you just want to download the mod for Minecraft Java or for the Bedrock version go to the end of the article. The backrooms in Minecraft is a creepypasta from the website 4chan that became real, where you will find mazes of empty rooms, organized in three levels. The first level is called, level 0 or vestibule level. On this level you will find rooms with carpeted floors and monochromatic

Download Minecraft Black Edition (V.1)

The Minecraft Black Edition¬†(V.1)¬†version is a modified version of Minecraft created from another scary version known as minecraft_hex.exe, created to cause fear to players. What few know is that there is a remastered and much more entertaining version, called Black Edition (V.2) that you can play by clicking here. This version does not allow you to play multiplayer however you should press the “Multiplayer” button and see what happens. If you try to enter any IP or Server address and click on connect, it will show some message similar to the following: If you press the OK button, different messages


Minecraft Error 437 is a corrupt and scary version of Minecraft just like the famous Minecraft Alpha 0.0.0 and Minecraft Error 422 versions. To play any of these versions you cannot lack courage and bravery. From the moment you start playing you will realize how strange this Error 437 is, because of the strange appearance of the start screen and how version alpha constantly changes to another number, the buttons that constantly change color and the changes in sound volume, sensitivity and difficulty without you touching anything. In addition to the inverted crosses, the absence of creatures, the floating vegetation,

Download Minecraft Alpha 1.2.7-How to install Minecraft Alpha 1.2.7?

Here you can download Minecraft Alpha 1.2.7, a version that you shouldn’t play, in fact you shouldn’t even be here. In this lost version of Minecraft, the most terrifying creatures will appear, including Herobrine. If you are brave enough and decide to create a world in Minecraft 1.2.7, trees flying while their branches are on fire is the friendliest thing you will see, if you decide to play in peaceful mode. It will also be very annoying to play it, because your food, weapons and everything you have in your inventory will be automatically thrown away, as if they want

Download Minecraft Demo Java Edition Beta 1.3 (Demo PC Gamer)

In this article you can download Minecraft PC Gamer Demo i.e. a demo version of Minecraft Java Edition Beta 1.3, which was released in PC Gamer magazine in its June 2011 issue, but we will also tell you some secrets so you can exploit this version. This mythical version of PC Gamer magazine number 214 featured a trial version of Minecraft that would allow you to play 100 minutes of the Beta 1.3 version. This one hundred minutes (1 hour and 40 minutes) of gameplay is equivalent to five days in the game, after which, a message would be displayed

Minecraft Alpha v3.0.3

Minecraft Alpha v3.0.3 is the corrupted and terrifying version where Entity 303 becomes visible to absolutely all players who are brave enough to play this terrifying version of Minecraft. At the beginning of the game, the aesthetics regarding textures, animals and trees will be the same as the normal Minecraft Alpha versions, but this will change the first time the Entity 303 becomes visible where weird things in your world will start to happen. Upon encountering Entity 303 in your world, a high-pitched and terrifying sound will be heard, changing all the textures of your world to the following: