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How to earn more XP in Minecraft?

How to earn more XP in Minecraft? (Minecraft XP)

Minecraft will grant XP to the player according to some actions such as killing mobs, which will be super useful to improve or repair our equipment in Minecraft.

Minecraft is not exactly an RPG, but it does have an experience system, very similar to RPGs. The experience gained by the player is used to improve equipment and other elements of the game. In this article you will learn how to gain experience in Minecraft, or XP, in five very simple steps.

What is XP in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, XP is visually identified, just by looking at it. XP are small, shiny green balls that drop when you defeat mobs, enemies, or animals, or when you complete some tasks within Minecraft.

The experience level (XP) is displayed above the items on the game screen as a green bar.

As you collect experience spheres, the character’s level will increase along with his experience. These levels are used to enchant or repair armor, weapons, and items. They are very important for those who want to do well in adventure.

Follow these tips to increase XP:

1. Eliminations

The main way to get XP in Minecraft is to kill Mobs, but it is not the only way. They don’t even have to be aggressive mobs. Killing animals such as sheep, pigs and even horses provides more experience in the game.

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But it is clear that zombies, skeletons, Enderman and other enemies will also give us more experience in the game. Also, we cannot forget all the elements that all mobs leave behind when they die, such as meat, wool, leather or even gunpowder. It is always useful to kill mobs in Minecraft.

An important notice !!! mobs only lose experience if they die within five seconds of the player’s first hit. Baby animals such as piglins, bats, golems and villagers will not give us XP when we kill them.

2. Creation

If killing mobs is not your thing, you can get XP in another way, experience that you gain through raising animals in your farms or homes.

When a baby animal is raised, it gives the player experience. If you are a livestock farmer, and start a herd for example, you can earn a good amount of XP as new animals are born.

3. Mining

Mining is one of the central pillars in Minecraft, how could it be otherwise, and therefore, by mining you earn XP (experience). Resource block mining is the best way to gain experience and resources at the same time.

Coal, iron ores, for example, are the easiest elements to find in blocks and also provide the most experience in relation to extraction time. It is also possible with diamond, but it is rarer. Gold does not give (XP) experience.

4. Foundry or food

The combination of resources and materials can also generate experience, although the green spheres do not appear, the XP will only add to the experience that the player already has. Melting the blocks of iron ore or gold will give you experience.

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The same can happen when we cook food, such as fish or chicken, with charcoal. Eating food only recovers energy and breath, but cooking it leaves your character with a higher level of experience. Make sure to cook wild-collected meat whenever possible!

5. Go fishing

Going fishing is a great way to gain experience, as each fish caught by the player provides experience (XP) to the player. You don’t even have to store the fish in your inventory, you just have to catch it.

Obviously, to catch a fish, it is necessary to have a fishing rod and an environment with water, but this is quite easy to achieve from the first day of play.

Follow these five tips to gain more experience in the game, no matter the order in which you do it.

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