Seeds with a lot of Villages Minecraft 1.18

This time we bring you seeds for Minecraft Java 1.18, which all have two villages or more, to make your survival easier. Seed: 8624896 This seed for Minecraft Java 1.18 and also compatible for Bedrock. This seed has four villages that are located next to the lake which in turn is surrounded by mountains. You will also have looter stations and all the biomes around it. In addition to the 4 villages, you will find many caves, wastelands, warm and cold oceans, jungle, Savannah biome, looter’s outpost and the beautiful crater lake. The coordinates of the village surrounded by water

Seeds with Treasure Chests for Minecraft Java

This time we bring you several seeds for Minecraft Java, which feature buried treasure chests, many with 5 treasure chests and even with chests stacked on top of each other. Seed: 166372429861907 With this seed (166372429861907) you spawn on an island with a giant village where you will find four treasure chests buried in the village. It works in Java 1.16 and you should really try it as it is an epic seed. Coordinates of the four buried treasure chests: 1- (-39, 9) 2- (-23, -7) 3- (-7, 25) 4- (25, 9) In these chests you will find 4 diamonds,

Seed: Exposed Stronghold Library in the Ocean

Seed: -4184000969893959047 This seed is available for Java 1.16 and 1.17. Coordinates: 1840 60 978 .At these coordinates you will find a Library of the fortress exposed in the ocean. But this is not the only advantage that has this seed also gives us an island where we can build our house, we will also find an island of mushrooms very close (to the east). The entrance to the basement of the strongehold is located at coordinates: 1812 60 948. When you spawn you do so near a temple and if you continue in this direction you will find a

Seed in Minecraft Island Surrounded by Rivers (JAVA)

This is a seed surrounded by rivers and villages for Java. Seed: -3511545421576674184 This seed is fantastic, as you will find yourself on an island surrounded by 6 rivers that flow into the ocean. In summary in this seed you will find the following: Six-lane river with a small island in the center. Three villages and a fortress nearby. The island portal also places you 500 blocks from a fortress in a valley of soul sand. You find the three villages at the following coordinates: First Village. X: -971.0 Y: 137,9 Z: -1261.5. Second Village and Third village. X: -1557.9

The best Seed for Speedrun Minecraft 1.18

This seed for MINECRAFT 1.18 version has villages, nether fortress, end portal, bastion and many more things, being an incredible seed to make speedrun, and finish Minecraft quickly. SEED: -1117844226 We will also leave you all the coordinates to the villages, portals and other essential sites. Villages: The village you will find in the position: -831,99,387 where you will find two blacksmiths and inside you will find chests with iron, gold and apples. End Portal: The portal to the End is located at position: -793,41,394. Stronghold: Below this village you will also find the Stronghold and a few steps from

The Perfect Seed for Speedrun in Minecraft Bedrock 1.17

This seed is perfect for Speedrun, in this seed you will have Portal to End, Villages, Temple, Nether Fortress, Bastion and End City with Ship. It is the best Minecraft Bedrock 1.17 seed for speedrun, which can be used in Minecraft Pe (Pocket Edition) Xbox , Playstation, Windows 10 and Nintendo Switch. SEED: -1012474179 In this seed you have everything you need to finish Minecraft 1.17 in record time. You will find a temple with four chests in Position: 1771,53,25. Inside the chests you will find iron, two golden apples, enchanted books and gold. At coordinates 1864, 77, 113 you

Survival Seeds MINECRAFT 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2 (JAVA and BEDROCK)

In this opportunity we will give you five perfect seeds to start a survival adventure in Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2. All these seeds work for both Java and Bedrock versions. Seed number one is the following: 460628901 In this seed you will start surrounded by mountains of ice, covered by snow, but the most important thing will have a cave where you can start mining and at the beginning of it you will find coal in sight. The coordinates of the cave are: 34, 123,5. At coordinates -122, 155, -226 you will find everything you need to

Seeds with Infinite Diamonds – Minecraft

In this article we bring you several seeds with infinite diamonds for different versions of Minecraft: 1.15.2, 1.16, 1.17, for JAVA and also for BEDROCK. Just by creating a new world you will have infinite diamonds and in just 15 minutes you will have all the diamonds for the complete armor. You can even create a house of diamonds. This seed is for Minecraft Java 1.15.2 and is the seed number 54126316468345. The coordinates are as follows: X=-109 Y=10 Z=269. SEED: 54126316468345 IMPORTANT: At these coordinates you must mine to the South direction 16 blocks and then mine to the

Seed 1493028, the Cursed Seed of Minecraft

If you want to enter the cursed seed, you must enter the following: 1493028 . When you enter you will realize that you are in a strange world because you will see that no tree has leaves, as if winter had come and all its leaves fell or maybe they were pruned, perhaps by Herobrine. Also the music you will hear will sound totally distorted and out of tune. If you find a village, you will see that it will be in flames as if it had been attacked but without taking its resources, which is strange and as far

Seeds to build a castle in Minecraft

If you are one of those Minecraft players who rarely try the Survival mode and usually opt for the Creation mode, you have surely thought about building a castle. A medieval castle would be ideal for a game like Minecraft, which in itself has a feudal atmosphere, mainly because of the look of the game and the furniture and building blocks available. However, finding the perfect place to start building a rudimentary castle can be a challenge. To create the perfect home for your new palace, you need plenty of open space and an aesthetically pleasing environment. In this article,