The best seeds of Minecraft version 1.16.5

Seeds are a very important part of Minecraft. Cores are the building blocks from which the game world is created. Even when you create a new game and enter a random world, you can enter a seed code to give your world some shape. If you like adventure, you just have to try Seeds to get into all kinds of biomes. Below is the best version of Seeds 1.16.5. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing Minecraft for a while or if you’re experienced. All you have to do is try the seeds listed in the table until you find

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Best Village Seeds 1.16

Surely more than once you will have tried to appear next to a village in the initial spawn in order to build farms and make exchanges with the villagers. In this village seed list for Minecraft 1.16 you will always appear next to a village. Each of the villages shown here is full of incredible resources that can be used in many different ways. All villages will have chests, beds, ovens, crafting tables and many other blocks for you and of course they also have villagers, offering different valuable trades.   Seed: -104500552382714 Coordinates: 300, -300 You will appear right

Seed with all Biomes

Spawn on a mushroom island in a small ocean surrounded by all types of biomes. SEED: 1083719637794 In this seed for Minecraft you will start on an isolated island called “Mushroom Island Spawn“, surrounded by all the biomes. The fantastic thing about this seed is found on the island you start, surrounded by an ocean, where you find many resources. Beyond the ocean you will find all the biomes, Desert, Rorest, Tiaga, Mega Tiaga, Roofed Forest, Swamp, Savanna, Ice Plains, Plains Ice Spikes, Mesa, etc. All you have to do to play in this seed with all the Biomes is

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The best seeds of Minecraft 1.16 (Year 2021)

Discover with this list, the best Minecraft 1.16 seeds, where you will be able to enjoy different new levels and also participate in epic adventures. In this list of the new seeds for Minecraft 1.16 from 2021, you will have the exact coordinates and also some points to highlight in each of the levels. We offer you a complete list of seeds for Minecraft from 2021, with a brief description of them and coordinates of interesting places that you should visit. We come to the year 2021, and it is time to offer you what we consider to be the