Scary versions of Minecraft

The scariest versions of Minecraft

If you’re a Minecraft fan, you’ve probably played it for hours on end. You know all the blocks and pixels in the game, right? Well, I’m sorry to tell you: you don’t.

There are some creepier versions of Minecraft out there. They’re not official or endorsed by Mojang (the creators of Minecraft), but they can still scare unsuspecting players who stumble upon them by accident. I’ve compiled a list of these versions so you know what to watch out for if you ever come across them, and even to try one yourself, download them and play.

This is a list of creepy versions of Minecraft based creepypastas like Error 422, Herobrine, Error 437, Entity Zero, Minecraft alpha 0.0.0 and other scary versions of Minecraft.

Error 422

error 422 minecraft

If you want to play an extremely terrifying version of Minecraft, I recommend you download the Error 422 version. The dreaded Error 422 is a Minecraft entity.

I advise you to turn down the volume of your computer because when you hear the so-called death scream, the volume will be very high and your Minecraft will probably stop working and you will have to restart your computer.

It includes inverted crosses, mysterious white blocks and, most importantly, the Entity known as Error 422 that will completely change your Minecraft experience.

This version is known as the scariest of all and is also known as a rare version of Minecraft and you can download it from the button below:

Minecraft Alpha 0.0.0

minecraft alpha 000

Minecraft Alpha 0.0.0 is a creepypasta about a version of Minecraft that was released in 2010. According to the story, it was released on Christmas Day and contained a hidden Easter egg that caused the player’s computer to crash if they tried to play on any other day of the year.

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In these versions you will find flying trees lit on fire. Download it in the following download:

Giant Alex

giant alex minecraft

Giant Alex is a giant, angry version of Alex. He is 12 blocks tall and covered in blood. His terrifying appearance makes players scream when they first see him. We don’t know much about Giant Alex, but we do know that he was created in the same way as Error 422. In the following article we show you how to find him, which seed to enter and in which version:

Minecraft Alpha 1.2.7

miecraft alpha 1.2.7

So you know Minecraft, right? Of course you do, but have you heard of Herobrine? That’s right: there’s a character named Herobrine in Minecraft who is quite mysterious. And what makes him even more legendary is that no one knows much about him. Herobrine is a mysterious “ghost” character in Minecraft. Herobrine isn’t very well known because he’s barely seen, but that’s what makes him so legendary.

If you want to know how he is play this version but if you want to fight against him play the Alpha Lost version.

Minecraft Alpha Lost

alpha lost

This is a lost version of Minecraft in which you will not only find Herobrine, but you will fight against him because he will chase you and try to annihilate you. Also just touching you will set you on fire.

Error 437


The corrupted version of Minecraft where the creature known as Error 437 inhabits, and the game has infinite bugs.

Minecraft 6.6.6 

Minecraft 6.6.6 the cursed version

The version number says it all, a version where lava and fire are everywhere and the creature that inhabits this world will send you messages through the chat.


entity zero

Entity Zero is a creepypasta about a player who found a server that was empty except for a single player. The player’s name was Entity Zero, and he turned out to be a creature that was constantly trying to kill the other player. The only way to escape Entity Zero was to disconnect from the game. This version was leaked to the servers while trying to create the code project for this version of Minecraft known as Annihilation.

Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3_06 or ERROR 137

Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3_06 or ERROR 137

In this version nothing is normal, you will find stone crosses, the face of the moon is shaped like a Japanese artist, the entity Error 137 wants to annihilate you and cacti fly through the air.

Alpha D3ATH.exe

 Minecraft Alpha D3ATH.exe

You must definitely face the creature that inhabits this world. A totally dark creature, with only a smile on its very sinister face.

Minecraft Beta 1.6.6 Test Build 1

Download Minecraft Beta 1.6.6 Test Build 1

The interesting thing about this version is the creature that inhabits this world known as “brokenfile.exe” and the totally bloody sky. Its body looks like a QR code, you should try scanning it and see what it means. Be careful because this creature causes fires that can kill your hearts.

Minecraft Chaos Edition – Chaoscraft

A version where a strange version of Herobrine appears, where her eyes are totally black and the moon is red.

Minecraft  Alpha version 1.2.6_02

Bluebrine is the creature that inhabits this cursed version of Minecraft in which this entity, known as Herobrine’s brother because he has blue eyes, will steal all your inventory.

Minecraft Delta 0.0.0 

Very strange creatures known as Deltas inhabit this world, where subliminal messages will be sent to the player.

Minecraft Alpha 1.0.3_02,Minecraft Alpha v0, Minecraft X

As you play the game the version name will change until you reach the Minecraft X version where you will find the creature known as Leggy 000145236.

Minecraft Negative

In this version you will find the creature as Entity 404, as well as a world with flying flowers.

Ghost Player

Find in this version the creature known as Ghost Player, which will not attack you at first, but will chase you and tire you out.

More scary versions of Minecraft

The following are not so well known scary versions of Minecraft that you can also try by clicking on each of them:

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