Mods for Minecraft 1.18

In this article we leave you the best collection of mods for Minecraft 1.18, so you do not have to search each mod separately and then compare which is the best mod, here we did it for you, selected the most downloaded mods by Minecraft 1.18 players.

We remind you that these mods you are seeing are for the JAVA version, so they will only work with FORGE or FABRIC.

Guard Villagers Mod 1.18

With this mod villagers will no longer be helpless creatures.

download Guard Villagers Mod 1.18

Guard Villagers Mod 1.18 is a must for Minecraft players who want to transform normal villagers into warrior villagers, so this mod adds a new role to the villagers, now they will be able to defend themselves.

With this mod the warrior villagers will be able to defend themselves from hostile mobs either with a sword or with a crossbow or any type of weapon that we give them with the shift + right click keys.

At least one of the villagers will have a new effect called “village hero“. In this type of warrior villagers you will be able to access their inventories and equip them with armor and various weapons of your choice.

Remember that in order for them to become warrior villagers and defend the village they live in you must give them a weapon (SHIFT+Right Click). The player himself must give them a weapon for them to become warriors.

The villagers will not only attack hostile creatures inside the village, they can also do it outside the village, or enter in a chase of a zombie or hostile mob abandoning the village until defeating it and then return to it.

Be careful, if you attack one of these villagers by mistake, you will soon notice that the warrior villagers are very close to each other, as they will all attack you as a group, so do not hit a poor villager unintentionally or you will have your minutes counted.

Journey Map Mod for Minecraft 1.18

download Journey Map Mod 1.18

Journey Map Mod 1.18 adds a map to your screen indicating your current position as well as showing you nearby mobs, checkpoints and more. This map is configurable to allow the user to add or remove features and configure which keys to use to mark checkpoints.

With this mod you can also see the height of the mountains and even remove the annoying chunks.

This map also indicates the last position where you were defeated by a mob or where you have lost all your lives so you do not lose all your stuff and thus be able to recover all your items, also put several points to guide you through the world and even set the size of the mini map.

With the J key, you can open the minimap and its settings.

You can also configure the mini-map in the color you want, change the type of typography, and totally modify the appearance of the mini-map.

Just Enough Items (Jei) Mod Minecraft 1.18

Just Enough Items (Jei) 1.18

Just Enough Items (Jei) mod 1.18 allows us to see all the blocks, everything we can make and how to do it, besides showing us the recipes of the potions.This mod is very necessary, if you play with many mods installed on your computer, as it allows you to see everything you can do with each mod you install.

If we press the R key we can see everything we can do, make or build, related to the object you are selecting and we can also search for the mod we want by putting an “@” in front of it in the search engine.if you play with several mods at once you need it.

Gobber Mod for Minecraft 1.18

download Gobber Mod Minecraft 1.18

Gobber mod 1.18 is a mod that adds a complete new fantasy, new minerals, new mythical weapons, scepters with powers, medallions, shields and very strong armor. It is a fighting mod that will make you want to never play minecraft vanilla again without it, you will feel in the movie lord of the rings with this mod.

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This mod adds an arsenal of medieval and mystical weapons, it is also equipped with new minerals that are super strong.

Special mention must be given to the Scepters and Medallions that it adds, each one with incredible and very useful powers, from medallions that give us health to scepters that allow us to transport any type of mob.

Macaw`s Windows & Trapdoors Mod Minecraft 1.18

Macaw`s Windows Mod download

In this section we give you two decoration mods for Minecraft 1.18, and these are Macaw`s Windows Mod and Macaw`s Trapdoor Mod .

The first mod adds doors of different types in which you can decorate them to your liking according to your home color and the second adds windows that provide the same, ie different windows of all kinds of colors.

In the door mod, there are mechanized doors like “garage” doors where you need a button to open and close them, or simple but beautiful doors with crystals where it gives a different elegance to your home.

The hatch mod is a decorative mod where you add a variety of hatches of different types and shapes. This mod is ideal for creating a secret room and decorating it with these unique and fun trap doors.

Inventory HUD+ Mod Minecraft 1.18

download Inventory HUD+ Mod Minecraft 1.18

Inventory HUD+ for Minecraft 1.18 is a must-have mod that focuses on adding a lot of useful information about the inventory allowing you to see your inventory while you are playing.

You can change the size of the inventory that is displayed on your screen and you can set it as you want, in a much smaller way so that it bothers you much less, set it vertically or horizontally and also change the transparency of the background.

You will also see the potions and their effects on your screen along with the remaining time of the effect.

You will also see the durability of the items you have in your hand and all your armor, as well as a free space count, arrows and totems.

All these features mentioned above are fully customizable being possible to change the size and put and remove any data you need.

To configure this mod you must press the “Okey, in the mod’s configuration menu you will find absolutely everything you can change and it is as simple as testing the functions until you get it to your liking.

GraveStone Mod for Minecraft 1.18

GraveStone Mod for Minecraft 1.18 download

GraveStone Mod for Minecraft 1.18 has the function of recovering the objects every time we die, that is to say, every time we fall in battle against hostile mobs a tomb will be generated and in this tomb will be all your items, weapons, totems, etc. We can even customize what the tomb says.

In addition we will have a sheet that will indicate the coordinates of this tomb and when we arrive we simply chop it with a pickaxe and we will have our items back.

You can choose between three types of tombs and you can customize them with different colors, so if you like the spooky and find yourself in your world with your old tombs, this is one of the best mods.

Corail Tombstone Mod Minecraft 1.18

Corail Tombstone 1.18

This mod adds to minecraft the function of teleporting us that is to say every time we lose, it gives us a key to teleport us to the point of death in ghost mode to find and recover all your items that will be safe in a tomb that no one can break.

It also has different types of tombs and new blocks and items, even adds magic artifacts.

This mod is ideal to avoid the frustration of losing all our efforts for some mistake like falling into a large cave or being attacked by a hostile mob.

Xaero’s Minimap Mod for Minecraft 1.18

download Xaero’s Minimap Mod for Minecraft 1.18

Xaero’s Minimap, as you may already know, is the best minimap mod that has existed to date, has an extensive configuration in which you can configure different aspects of the map, such as putting checkpoints on the ground to mark certain structure or place that interests us for example a village, change the way the minimap is displayed.

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Even if you enter a cave you will see only the minimap of the subsoil.

Macaw’s Bridges MOD Minecraft 1.18

download Macaw’s Bridges Mod versión 1.18

Macaw’s Bridges mod 1.18 is an ideal bridge for those who love decoration as it allows us to create all kinds of suspension bridges and each of the bridges is super aesthetic, with more than 50 bridges from which you can choose.

With this mod you can also create stairs and rail bridges like the ones you see in mining caves.

You just have to place many parts of the same type of bridge and put them one after another to create fantastic bridges, either to cross valleys, rivers or make suspension bridges between mountains.

Cooking for BlockHeads mod for Minecraft 1.18.1

download Cooking For BlockHeads mod 1.18

Cooking For BlockHeads mod 1.18.1, adds all kinds of kitchen utensils and very realistic appliances. With this mod you can have in your kitchen a refrigerator, dishes, dishwashers, ovens that work just like a real one and many more elements so that we can become a chef.

The best thing about this mod is that all the elements, the toaster, oven, refrigerator, drawers and even the dishwasher can be used without problems, ie are fully functional mixing in one part decoration and other utility.

Even add some utensils to hang any type of knives, pans or pallets that you find in the mod.

Waystones Mod for Minecraft 1.18

download waystone mod 1.18

Waystones Mod for Minecraft 1.18 is a mod that gives the player the ability to teleport around the world by adding a teleportation pillar, in which you can appear in different places or points, such as villages or structures in which you want.

This mod is widely used in Roleplay type servers that focus on the medieval age so it is highly recommended for multiplayer servers that focus on this theme. Each of these pillars or teleportation stones will save us hundreds of minutes between moving from one side of the map to another.

These pillars are portable so you can place them in different places on the map.

Throwable Blocks Mod for Minecraft 1.18

download Throwable Blocks Mod for Minecraft 1.18

Throwable Blocks mod for Minecraft 1.18, allows us to throw blocks of minerals from all sides, they are thrown as if they were stones and when they fall on the ground the block will be placed where we aim.

We can throw any type of block that we have in our hand just by pressing the right button and it will shoot to where we aim.

Throwing this type of blocks does not cost life or energy, you can be throwing the blocks all over the map without wasting energy.

You can even use throwing blocks as a weapon or to build constructions like walls by just throwing the blocks.

Supplementaries Mod for Minecraft 1.18

download Supplementaries Mod for Minecraft 1.18

Supplementaries 1.18, is a decoration mod that has all kinds of curious decorations, you will find a globe, solid gold doors, torches, candelabras, unique torches and even some very interesting secret mechanisms.

The mod even adds new pistons and colored lights.

OpenBlocks Elevator MOD for Minecraft 1.18

download OpenBlocks Elevator MOD for Minecraft 1.18

OpenBlocks Elevator mod 1.18, adds elevators to move in a super efficient way. These elevators are completely different and faster than the Vanilla version of the elevators.

Ideal if you build a house in the mountains and avoid having to go up and down many steps. With this mod you simply have to put a block on top of another and you can go up and down.

Any of these elevators that the mod adds, can take you up and down super fast and in an instant you can travel up to 600 blocks high.

To make the elevators work you simply have to place blocks on top of each other, you have to have them placed vertically (one below the other and vice versa) if you don’t have them on the same “Y” axis you won’t be able to use the elevators.

This would be wrong, you can’t move from the “Y” coordinate you always have to build upwards vertically and there put the other elevator block.

The One Probe Mod for Minecraft 1.18

download The One Probe Mod for Minecraft 1.18

The One Probe mod 1.18, gives the player information on screen about everything the player is looking at, from a block, an animal or anything the player looks at. This mod is similar to the Hwyla mod which gives you similar options although this one here provides superior information and takes up very little space on the player’s screen.

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If you look at a block, a creature in Minecraft or any mob you will first see its name, then the name of the mod to which it belongs, then the hearts of life that are left and also show the effects of both positive or negative potion that has activated at that time.

If we focus the view on a chest or a cabinet, its name will appear, the name of the mod to which it belongs and it will also show its content without opening it.

Also if you have a block that stores liquids and you look at it, apart from the name of the block, the name of the mod, the state of the block, the name of the liquid and a bar to show you how full it is, it will also give you more technical aspects such as purity or quality. If you look at a power generator it will also show you how much fuel it has left, a bar to show you when it is full and more technical details.

AppleSkin Mod for Minecraft 1.18

AppleSkin mod for minecraft 1.18

AppleSkin mod for Minecraft 1.18, is a very old and very famous mod that has more than 80,000,000 downloads.

This mod adds information about the food, that is to say, how much a certain food nourishes us, with this mod we will be able to know how many thighs a food fills in Minecraft 1.18.

If you go to your inventory and hover the mouse over a food it will tell you how many thighs that food will give you and it will also tell you the saturation, which is the time it will take to get the next thigh down.

Now if you hold a food in your hand it will show you directly on your food bar the amount of thighs that will go up in a super visual way since they will be flashing. In the same way it will show you how much life you will gain but this time what will blink will be the hearts of your health bar.

And of course it will also show you the saturation by surrounding your thighs with a yellow line. It will also show you the exhaustion with a gray bar behind your food bar. As you should already know, both in Minecraft and in real life if you run and jump you consume more calories and therefore you get hungrier.

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