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Horror Maps for Minecraft

Download Horror Maps for Minecraft PE


The Basement 1.12

This horror map for Minecraft PE focuses on a maze, from which you must escape. As you progress through the maze you will discover clues to escape, but also monsters that hide the darkness of the maze.

image horror map for minecraft

This map for Minecraft Pocket Edition is available in two languages, Russian and English.

At the beginning, it begins with a story as a tutorial, in which you will learn the commands to use and the objectives of the game.

This map is original from version 1.12 but you can play it in any version.


White Nightmare 1.12.2

A map for Minecraft PE that brings together terror and cooperative play. The story takes place in a haunted house, in an apocalyptic world where a virus created strange creatures. Yes! a very crazy story.

image white nigthmare corruption

As you walk through the house you will find demons, the undead, and other creatures of the night.

This map alludes to the history of Resident Evil, where to win you will have to destroy the heart of destruction that is the source of the virus.

Sacrifices 1.12.2

A great horror map that focuses on a haunted house. The story begins with a couple moving into a brand new house, what you don’t know is that the house has terrifying secrets.

Your wife will disappear and you should find her on this map where the darkness makes it difficult for you to investigate. The places will light up as you progress through the map.

This map is exclusive for version 1.12.2.

The Bloodman

The main character, a man full of insecurities and fears, finds himself locked in an abandoned house without knowing why he is there.

The challenges that you will find in this map will make the character shed all his fears as he moves through the house.

This horror map for Minecraft PE is exclusive to version 1.12.2.

Unending Nightmare

This map for Minecraft PE focuses on an abandoned castle, where you are the nightmare that runs through the dark. As you walk through the castle you will learn about the character’s history and discover its secrets.

On the walls of this map you will find paintings alluding to many classic horror movies.

image map unending nightmare

This map really focuses on the details, the bats are very well designed, as well as the sounds when opening the doors or hearing the howling of the wolves. This minecraft map is available for all versions.

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