image map minecraft for fornite edition pc

Download FORTNITE Maps for Minecraft Free

Download Fortnite Maps for Minecraft

Just as you can find maps of games, series and movies, now you can also download Fornite maps for Minecraft. Download this series of maps to play Minecraft on your computer and phone.Fornite, being one of the most played games, it is not uncommon for it to have its own maps.

Fortnite Maps for Minecraft PC

Fornite Map

This map that you can download from the next button, is the popular Fortnite Craft and is extremely similar to the game it tries to emulate.

You will start in the usual airship and when you jump, you can fall anywhere on the map. It consists of about 5 interlocking islands that hold a lot of objects, weapons and other elements that will help you to be the best survivor. This is the one that most closely resembles the main version of Fortnite.


Fornite Batlle Royale Map

This is another fortnite map for minecraft, but for version 1.13.1 and 1.12, in which you can simulate playing Fornite in Minecraft from your computer.

This map seeks to imitate the Fornite Batlle Royale but in Minecraft.

image map minecraft for fornite edition pc

As in the Fornite game, you will come down from the sky, but this time from a bus.

This map has the peculiarity that it is a miniature version of the Fornite map, but it includes all the places that you could find in the Fornite and also includes many chests.



In this map you will see things like the Trump tower in Minecraft and a whole town built with incredible details, including vehicles like karts in which to explore the town.

You will also find weapons such as fully functional rifles and a pet that will accompany you around town.

image minecraft fronite map with car and sniper


Fortnite map for Minecraft Pocket Edition (Phone)


Fortnite Map for Minecraft PE

Download the Fortnite map for Minecraft PE and enjoy this version from your mobile device.As in the Fornite game, here you will start from the airship and fall from an airship directly to the battlefield.

image map fornite pocket edition

Unlike the computer map, this map is much larger and even allows you to play in individual mode, allowing you to explore the terrain and thus enter the multiplayer mode with knowledge of the terrain.

Another of the main characteristics of this Fornite map for Minecraft is that it is constantly updated, unlike its version for PC.


Classic Fortnite

This map too emulates the Fornite version of the map but for your mobile phone.


image fornite mapa for mobile phone


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