Will the warden Despawn?

Summon Guardian in Survival Mode

To summon a Guardian, you will need Sculk Shrieker, a Redstone block that you can find in Deep Dark biome. If you step on the block or trigger a nearby Sculk sensor or Redstone signal, it will create a “warning” layer to alert the Guardian. Once you reach three alert levels, a Warden will automatically spawn from the ground if there are no other Wardens nearby.

Once spawned, a Warden will randomly wander around and is alerted by a nearby vibration. The more vibrations someone or something produces (mobs, minecarts, bullets), the angrier he gets, and the souls on his chest start to accelerate. When a Warden gets angry enough (or is attacked), he roars and chases after his target. The Warden burrows into the ground and disappears after hearing no vibrations and being “calm” for 60 seconds.

The Warden

The terrifying creature of the Deep Dark has officially arrived. This formidable foe is blind but can use vibration, smell, and proximity to hunt you down. Even if you can’t see them, the Wardens lurk beneath the surface of the Underdark and are always there waiting for the Sculk Shriekers to awaken them by alerting them to your presence.

Throw objects like snowballs to distract the guardian

When the guardian spawns inside the deep dark biome in the new Minecraft update , it will automatically start hearing and sniffing the position of any mob or player near it. The keeper will follow any living creature he can hear and automatically walk towards his target at high speed. This applies to players and all mobs, including zombies, creepers, skeletons, and endermen.

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With this in mind, players like you can use throwable objects to create noise that will alert the guardian to a different location than where you currently are. You can use items like snowballs, arrows, and even sprinkled potions to throw them away from you at regular intervals to keep the guardian distracted.

Avoid being noticed by Warden

I think this is the most important point in Warden’s countermeasures. As soon as Warden appears, check Warden’s location and keep a distance. When Warden appears, he will make a loud noise and get off the ground, so directly check the position or make a rough start with a sound.

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