Will bedrock and Java ever merge?

Minecraft’s massive success hasn’t been without its problems, one of which was that the original game was written in Java. Some gamers still prefer this version for a variety of reasons, but for many years the “standard” version of the game was the Bedrock version, which was renamed “Minecraft” in 2017.

The differences are very important for everyone involved in Minecraft, and the most important is that the Java version is easier to modify. As games, this separation has always had one very annoying feature on PC: you basically had to buy both games separately. Now, Mojang and Microsoft have announced that as of today, June 7, the two versions of the game have been merged into Minecraft: Java Edition and Bedrock for PC.


Life under Microsoft

Mojang clarifies that Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition are two separate games in one deal. Each version has its pros and cons, and this combination doesn’t change that. It’s simply giving players the opportunity to own both in one more affordable package. Modders will still have the Java Edition to tinker with, while console and mobile cross-play are still only supported in the Bedrock Edition. Both games will be accessible through a single launcher. Ultimately, this may convince Java gamers to give Bedrock a try or vice versa.

Since 2014, both Minecraft and Mojang Studios have worked with Xbox Game Studios. Microsoft and Mojang have expanded the Minecraft brand by creating spin-offs such as Story Mode, Dungeons and Earth. Meanwhile, Mojang has been working on other non-Minecraft projects such as Caller’s Bane, a trading card game, and Crown and Council, a turn-based strategy game.

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When will they merge?

The two will join forces on Tuesday 7 June. That doesn’t mean that Minecraft will be one unified game. Rather, those who own one version on PC will automatically receive the other. The other may take a few days to show up in your Minecraft launcher, but Mojang is making sure “all eligible players” get what they need. Once they do, they no longer have to choose which edition to buy.

To reiterate Mojang’s post, Java and Bedrock will still be two separate games. Those distinct features will remain that way. Still, throwing them from one place and not having to own both is a blessing.

Can you crossplay with Java or Bedrock players?

Yes, you can easily cross-play with Minecraft Java or Bedrock players by launching the relevant edition from the launcher, but not at the same time.

The answer is no. If you already own Minecraft Java Edition or Bedrock Edition, you’ll get the other game for free. So if you have already bought Java, you don’t have to spend money again to buy Bedrock edition and vice versa. The change will take place automatically and you will not have to request anything.

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