Why is there no more Minecraft story mode?

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Minecraft Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode is no longer available. The drag & tap serial visual adventure game, created and released by Telltale Games in collaboration with Mojang, can no longer be accessed.

Minecraft: Story Mode originally launched the first five episodes of the game in October 2015 and ran until March 2016, with additional series released as DLC in mid-2016.

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Minecraft: Story Mode is about to be delisted from the digital markets, but something strange is happening with the Xbox 360 version. In a strange limitation of the Xbox Live Marketplace, there is no way to remove a title from the sale by letting the rightful owners download it again. I guess Microsoft didn’t think of that when they launched the 360 ​​14 years ago (how dare they!), so a different kind of workaround was used.

Each episode of Minecraft: Story Mode is currently available for $100 out of 360. This is no joke, but something done to dissuade people from actually buying the game. In a message on the Minecraft: Story Mode Facebook page, the remaining Telltale Games staff wrote:

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Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 Netflix Release Date

The first season of the series is available on the popular streaming platform. Worldwide subscribers using Netflix in 38 countries can stream episodes of the series right now. However, the second season of the show is not yet on Netflix. To answer this question, we have to note that the development studio behind the series is Telltale Games, which was shut down in October 2018 due to bankruptcy. So it’s safe to say we probably won’t see a new season coming from the studio. We also believe the team behind the interactive series won’t be adapting Season 2 as well for the same reason.

So why doesn’t Netflix port the second episode to make it available on the service? Well, that could have many reasons including viewership, licensing process, and distribution rights. Seeing as the streaming giant hasn’t taken any steps in adapting the second season after two years, we can say that Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 will not be available anytime soon.

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