Why is my panda sneezing in Minecraft?


Pandas have seven different personality traits: normal, weak, aggressive, lazy, playful, worried and brown. Normal pandas have a default skin and no unique traits. Weak pandas have boogers coming out of their noses, sneeze more often, and have only 10 health points, half that of normal pandas. Weak panda cubs have a chance to drop a ball of slime when they sneeze. Aggressive pandas frown and will attack if provoked; Even nearby aggressive pandas will turn hostile if one is provoked. Initially they had red eyes. Lazy pandas tend to lie on their backs and are slower than other pandas. Worried pandas will cover their eyes and tremble when they hear thunder; they also tend to avoid most mobs, with the exception of slimes, magma cubes, shulkers, Ender Dragons, ghasts, and ghosts. The playful pandas stick out their tongues, twist and leap, requiring a lot of animation. The brown panda is the rarest panda but has no unique personality traits other than its skin.

Panda cubs

Panda cubs are special; they can produce an item you don’t expect from them. Every time a baby panda sneezes, there’s a chance to drop a ball of slime.

Pandas are notoriously difficult to raise in real life. While it’s easier here, it’s not as easy as other mobs. There must be at least eight blocks of bamboo nearby. To be exact, eight blocks of bamboo in a radius of five blocks. Otherwise, pandas will not enter the correct love mode. When pandas cannot reproduce, they even grunt in a special way.

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How to tame a panda in Minecraft

Unfortunately, unlike a wolf/dog or an ocelot, there is no way to tame a panda in Minecraft for make it your pet . You can use a name tag to keep it from disappearing, but you can’t use a leash on it. You can guide panda around with bamboo and use bamboo to breed with other pandas. Similar to sheep or cows, you’ll want to use an enclosed area to raise pandas, preferably in the same enclosure where you grow bamboo. Once a panda breeds once, the panda will become passive towards you, rather than neutral.

How to find Panda in Minecraft?

Pandas spawn on grass blocks in jungles or bamboo forests. There are a lot of trees in the jungle and there are a lot of parts where grass blocks are not leaf blocks, so it might be hard to find them. (In the jungle terrain, especially in the Java version, there are too many leaf blocks.) If pandas don’t appear, you can also remove jungle trees and leaves to increase the grass block area.

Each panda has 7 different looks, each with a different personality. Pandas love bamboo and have the characteristic of picking up fallen bamboo and eating it. Once you start eating bamboo, you won’t move from that spot for a while. Also, if the player is holding bamboo, he will slowly approach you.

The reason to breed pandas

Unlike many other breedable mobs, you can’t get many useful drops from pandas or ride them, however, baby pandas can produce a rare resource. For every second of the game, there’s a small chance that a Baby Panda will sneeze and create a Slimeball that you can pick up as an item. Since slime balls can usually only be obtained by killing slimes, which are themselves rare, panda breeding can be another method of obtaining these sticky items.

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There are 7 types of pandas you can find in Minecraft. Everyone has a different personality and different behaviors. You can tell them apart by their facial expressions and sometimes by their color.

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