Why is Minecraft talking to me?

Based on the sheer volume of readers finding their way to my Minecraft on ChromeOS article (it’s our #11 article for all of 2022), I think it’s fair to say that playing Minecraft on a Chromebook is a hot topic. Unfortunately for Chromebook users, there is no easy way to play the beloved 3D sandbox game popular among gamers on almost every platform out there. You can install and play the Debian-based Java edition of Minecraft on a Chromebook that supports Linux applications, but you’re missing out on the cross-play available on the more widely adopted Bedrock version available for PC, mobile, Xbox, Playstation, Switch, and other. Majong, the creator of Minecraft, goes so far as to explicitly state that Minecraft is not supported on Chromebooks.

That’s not entirely true thanks to modern Chromebooks having access to the Google Play Store. Sadly, the only official version you can get is the Education Edition which requires a Microsoft Office 365 EDU account. There is a “hacky” way to use the Android version of Minecraft if you already own the game but it’s not officially supported and I don’t know if I’d recommend it for everyday use. It’s just me. Honestly, I don’t understand why Majong and Microsoft wouldn’t want Minecraft to ship on the growing ChromeOS platform, but they haven’t asked me.

How to disable Narrator in Minecraft

To disable Narrator in Minecraft follow these steps

  • Step 1: save the game

How to permanently disable the narrator in Minecraft

In this part of the article, we will find out how to disable the narrator in Minecraft quickly. If you are reading this section of the article, then you are sure that you are playing Minecraft on a gaming device, not a PC/laptop. So, what if you accidentally turned on narrator in Minecraft? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you. What you have to do is that under the Minecraft interface, click on the options. Then, click on the chat settings. After that click on Narrator until you disable it completely.

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How to turn off voice narrator/screen reader in Minecraft?

The voice that reads everything that appears on the screen is useful, but not always necessary. There are some ways you can turn off narrator in Minecraft, they are mentioned as follows:

How to turn on Minecraft Narrator?

If for whatever reason you’re looking for how to activate the narrator in Minecraft, I’ve got your back. Minecraft is constantly updating its accessibility options. The narrator is just one of many to make things easier for people. Just follow one of these steps:

  • On PC, press “CTRL” + “B” to switch between different Minecraft narrator settings.
  • On any other platform, go to “Settings” and press the “Accessibility” tab on the left side. Enable the setting that says “Enable UI screen readers”. The switch next to it should be green. If it is, that’s all you need! Now it’s active!

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