Why is Minecraft Java so Stuttery?

Sure, Minecraft is an open-world sandbox game, but it’s not all that challenging. So if you are also facing stuttering in the game then there might be something wrong with the settings.

Today we will list some ways to improve Minecraft performance and fix stuttering in game. We made sure to be specific about every single step. We’ve mentioned them just below:


How to Improve Your OptiFine Settings for Minecraft

With OptiFine installed in your game, you can start improving Minecraft performance. The extra options in the Video Settings menu are what help increase the framerate count. With a more robust graphics card and OptiFine settings, you can achieve more than 100 FPS.

Let’s take a look at the various settings you can adjust for a smoother Minecraft experience.

Out of RAM

Regardless of the game, your gameplay is highly dependent on the amount of RAM you have on your system.

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There is also a 512x and a 1024x version which is even more demanding and requires a significantly more powerful computer to run properly. However, the 128x version pales in comparison to the 1024x one slightly. There is such a level of detail that the pixels on the textures are no longer observable. Every single texture on any object in the game is smooth and photo-realistic. Such a level of realism was achieved by reworking and designing completely new textures. It is not enough to enhance existing resolutions.

Many textures were created by hand to ensure they perfectly represented Aryan Nikose’s vision for the game. He has added lots of new textures in the game such as new types of stone, wood, toolboxes, sand, and more. There are also new models for some objects that have more polygons to make them more realistic. Things like small rocks, leaves, grass, all have more polygons to make them look much closer to reality. While there may not be much information available about the URBAN resource pack, the developer uses its official channels to communicate updates. She shares the progress of her work on Instagram and has a dedicated Patreon page for the URBAN resource pack.

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The 128x version of its resource pack is available for free. The higher resolution ones are available to the author’s Patreon subscribers which are intended to support the creator in continuing his work on the resource pack. It is also on Patreon where the developer posts future updates and latest version first.

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