Why is Minecraft Java not launching?

Just like any game, Minecraft also requires your computer to have a working graphics card for the game to run smoothly and correctly on your system. However, it is possible that your graphics driver is currently outdated or damaged and not installed correctly.

To fix this issue, you can try updating your graphics driver to fix the Minecraft freezing issue.

Why doesn’t Minecraft start on Windows 10 and 11?

Below are some of the possible reasons responsible for the problem.

  • Most likely your system does not meet the minimum system requirements to play Minecraft
  • The game is not compatible with your version of Windows or you are not running as administrator.
  • Due to outdated or incompatible graphics card driver
  • If you have Mod installed, this can also cause the problem
  • Third party antivirus or firewall may cause conflicts when loading Minecraft
  • The Minecraft launcher does not open if you run two MinecraftLauncher.exe.

Fix video card drivers auto update

Another way to fix Minecraft won’t start error is to update the graphics card driver on your Windows 10 computer /11. The graphics card driver plays a key role in running games smoothly as well as being responsible for managing the system display.

So if the games encounter any sudden problems with their game like Minecraft launch error not working etc then they can always update the old, missing or corrupted graphics card driver which may cause the problem.

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Restart PC

Before trying the other fixes, check if the classic “turn it off and on” method works in this case. Sometimes, it could simply be a one-time glitch that could potentially be fixed by restarting.

The new launcher is designed for Windows 10 and Windows 11, as well as Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and mobile devices. In case you have a device that isn’t listed here, chances are it’s broken. The game won’t launch for some players while for others the launcher won’t launch at all.

Update Graphics Driver

Another common reason Minecraft won’t start on Windows 10 is outdated or corrupted graphics card driver. Reinstalling the graphics card driver with the latest version probably a good working solution helps solve the problem for you.

  • Press Windows key + X select Device Manager,
  • This will list all device drivers installed on your computer, locate and expand video adapters,
  • Right-click the installed graphics driver (for example NVIDIA) select uninstall driver,
  • click uninstall again when prompted and restart your computer.

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