Why is F3 G not working?

To activate block borders on a keyboard at 60%, you need to press the _fn_ key and the g key simultaneously.

F3 and G is a shortcut that toggles the visibility of block borders around the player. This can be useful for seeing the edge of the current render distance or for finding blocks that are causing rendering issues.

How to fix Minecraft F3 key not working?

The F3 key is used in Minecraft to learn all the important elements in a game, such as your coordinates or information about the biome you are currently in. Basically, the F3 key allows the player to show the debug screen on his game.

Unfortunately, some users have reported that they are unable to use the F3 key in Minecraft. There could be a number of reasons why this could be happening. Today we are going to provide some troubleshooting steps on how to fix Minecraft F3 key not working. So, we suggest you keep reading!

What causes Minecraft to lag the most?

The most common cause of FPS lag is produced when entering the Nether. This is mainly due to the huge amounts of entities (such as fire) found in the world, as well as the fluids (lava) generated.

The C shows the number of block sections rendered out of the total number of block sections in the loaded area.

Why doesn’t the Minecraft F3 command work?

The data screen, also called the troubleshooting menu or F3 menu, tends to be activated when pressing the F3 key or Fn + F3 on most workstations. The list can be long when it comes to issues but we have mentioned some extensively addressed issues to help you define the scenario.

  • If you have pressed the F3 key but the coordinates in Minecraft are not directly visible on your computer screen, we recommend that you go through the whole process manually.
  • The latest computer system and PC have an additional F-Lock key that most users are unaware of. However, with that key, you will process functions with F3 in Minecraft.
  • Some keyboard systems have their own drivers and programs to set their usefulness. Assuming you haven’t fixed it, you’ll address the problem.
  • Are you using the latest version of Windows 10? The newest version of Windows 10 will definitely lead you into this problem as it does not have an F3 screen.
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