Why is Enderman killing me?

For many players, finding Endermen is the biggest problem. In the basic edition of Minecraft, they seem to appear much less frequently than in the Java edition. Different versions of the game have also had different spawn rates for this particular mob, though this is attributed to a bug and not a change to the core game mechanics. Endermen spawn in mobs of five, but disappear quickly, so you may have to hunt several nights before you have as many Ender pearls as you need.

Minecraft Enderman

Minecraft Enderman

The Enderman is a neutral mob that attacks players when they look into their eyes. They are found in all parts of the world and players have to defeat them even if it is inconvenient.


  • Golden apples. The best healing item for fighting. Golden apples provide the Absorption buff (grants 4 health temporarily), as well as the Regeneration buff (restores another 4 health over 5 seconds).
  • Golden carrots. The most nutritious food in the game. Stock up on these to ensure full saturation during the fight.
  • Healing potions. For instant health restoration during the fight.
  • Regeneration potions. For the gradual restoration of health during the fight.
  • Slow falling potions. To reduce fall damage during the fight.
  • Night vision potions. To facilitate orientation during the fight and to avoid the endermen.
  • Strength potions. To increase your damage during the fight.

How does Enderman originate?

In the distant past (or not so distant, since time is not as fixed in the End as we can think) there was a planet that orbited just outside our own universe. Even Legend doesn’t know the name of this world, but now we call it The End.

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Master builders known as the Endermen lived among these beings. These beings are believed to have sustained a society entirely based on construction. The things you build determine the quality of your life, from the tallest statues to the best sculptures. Enderman did not seek to wage war with each other, instead settling their differences by building incredible structures.

Minecraft Enderman in the Overworld Dimension

Enderman’s spawn level is seven or less than that of light in the Overworld dimension, indicating that he is wandering or found in the caves . You can also blur them in the desert biome.

Enderman are believed to have a different dimensional home on the surface of the End, where they generally appear under the group name “Haunting”. A group of four Minecraft endgame characters can appear at the same time. Light’s spawn level has to be eleven or less than Enderman’s in the end dimension.

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