Why do villagers go inside when you ring the bell?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game with an almost overwhelming amount of things to acquire, whether it be through Nook’s Cranny, gifts from villagers, or even in balloons. One of the most profitable items is the Ring.

The Ring is only available at Nook’s Cranny and appears randomly, meaning it could technically be months before you see it for the first time. It is effectively an engagement ring, it comes in a box. It is not possible to preview the contents of what is in the box before buying it.

Church Monuments

Rustic church Blue church Stone church

There are four different Monument churches you can build in Foundation. It begins with access to the Chiesa Rustica, a small simple church in stone and straw with extensions and bell towers.

Far Frontier Raiders Guide: How to protect the villagers?

As your city grows, marauders become a great threat to your inhabitants. Raiders generally steal all the food and resources you have in stock. Their main target is your trading hall and they don’t hesitate to kill the villagers who create an obstacle for them. However, if your villagers don’t come in their way, they won’t kill them. They will get valuable items such as iron, gold bars, food items, etc. And they will run away from your village. Therefore, in general, raiders are more interested in looting your village than killing your people.

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Players can easily save villagers by preventing them from leaving during a raid. To do this, ring the Town Center bell as soon as the raid begins. Whenever a raid starts, you will receive an alert and a bell icon (shown in the image below) will appear at the top of the Town Center. Click the bell to ring it and your villagers will rush towards the city center.

How to get a bell in Minecraft

There are two ways to get bells in Minecraft. One involves stealing and the other is getting one legally. Starting with the theft, bells can be found in every Minecraft village you come across, usually in the center.

I would not recommend getting a bell from a village you visit often. Bells provide an area where villagers often gather and communicate, and if a raid is about to occur, a bell must be rung to tell the villagers to get to safety. That’s why you should try to get one without stealing.

Bell Minecraft uses

The bell symbolizes the gathering place of a village. You can play it to make the villagers run to your house. If an incursion occurs and the bell rings, the impromptu alarm is sounded prompting the villagers to flee and hide in their homes until the threat is completely gone.

Even when villagers are sleeping, the ringing of a Minecraft bell will automatically wake them up.

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