Why do they call him Herobrine?

Minecraft, the video game with cubic graphics that was officially released in 2009, has a monster lurking in the archives for quite some time. “Steve” is the default skin for a Minecraft player when they first create an account. Herobrine the monster has “Steve” skin with glowing white eyes.

Herobrine is known in the Minecraft community as an urban legend and creepypasta. The first rumor to see it is said to be that a Minecraft player was in a single player world and found a non-player character, or NPC, with the default skin of “Steve” and “empty eyes”.

Alpha version 1.2.3_03 of Minecraft is one of the versions where Herobrine made his first appearances, there is a lot of speculation as to how Herbronie came about, whether it came from a file or was developed on purpose, but the truth is that since Alpha 1.2.6_01 and Alpha version 1.2.6_02, there are already stories of his appearance.


From the original creepypasta, Herobrine creates random constructions like sand pyramids in oceans and long tunnels. He also cuts all the leaves off the trees.

Herobrine first appeared in a single image detailing an encounter. The first photo of the first Canon sighting of Herobrine was posted on the 4chan Paranormal forum in August 2010, but received little attention. It has been said that Herobrine appeared in someone’s single player game and filled the map with various pyramids and tunnels. The post has since been deleted. It is the first outlet to call it Herobrine.

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What is Herobrine and where does it come from?

The legend began on 4chan. One user shared a story where an eyeless character appeared in a solo round and built pyramids and dug tunnels. When he asked other players on the forums about similar experiences, a user named “Herobrine” warned him about it. The user then learned that Herobrine was the now-deceased brother of Minecraft creator Notch. This story inspired streamers “Copeland” and “Patimuss” to alter individual textures to resemble Herobrine, thus placing terrifying sightings of Herobrine in their live streams. Although Patimuss’ hoax was quickly debunked, Copeland helped the legend spread and last a long time.

Herobrine was never in Minecraft, the story is fictional and Notch has commented on it several times. The story about the alleged brother also has no real world equivalent. However, if a legend persists long enough, it can somehow become true. Mojang has made use of the joke itself and integrated Herobrine elements into the game. While there is no ghostly figure in solo rounds, you can give your character Herobrine’s head or even purchase his appearance in skin packs. So, in multiplayer, Herobrine could meet you.

Who is Herobrine and where to find Herobrine in Minecraft?

Origin of Herobrine is an old “creepypasta” story that is already over 10 years old:

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Herobrine originally appeared in a single piece of art depicting a confrontation. It was posted on the4chan’s /v/ board and got almost no response. He was talking about how Herobrine appeared in a single player game, with lots of pyramids and tunnels covering the area. It is the first source to refer to him as Herobrine.

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Herobrine only gained fame later, when Brocraft announcer “Copeland” retouched various images of Herobrine to feature in his chat. He had simply been interested in the narrative and wanted to be a part of it. He decided to set up a scam after receiving mostly positive feedback. In an email, he detailed exactly what happened.

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