Why do nitwit villagers exist?

If you are playing in survival mode, your villagers can be killed by zombies and you will need to breed more to replace them. Also, villagers won’t breed if they don’t feel safe. Follow the steps below to protect your village.

  1. Make sure there is always plenty of light in the village. Craft torches out of sticks and coal and place them around and inside your buildings.
  2. Build a wooden fence or cobblestone wall around your village. Ideally, it should cover the entire perimeter and have a gate that you can lock at night.
  3. If your village has fewer than 16 inhabitants, create iron golems to protect the village. In large villages, they spawn automatically.
  4. Optionally, instead of iron golems, tame wolves to protect the village. Feed 12 bones to a wolf to tame it.
  5. Make steel doors with a switch of some sort to open them instead of using wooden ones – zombies can’t break them. However, this method allows your dwellers to leave the building.
  6. Optionally, use wooden doors but raise them a block off the ground.
  7. Optionally create an opening with a block height that is one block below ground, then add water and repeat two blocks out. Add water so the kids can escape and allow for the next play session.

Idiot villager and iron golem

Since many players get confused about the game mechanics, a question that goes around the Minecraft community is whether the aggression of the iron golems will trigger when stupid villagers will be killed by players

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The quick answer is yes. Even though stupid villagers are useless mobs, they are still considered villagers and are under the protection of the iron golems.

What are Nitwit in Minecraft?

Cretins are essentially a mob that is the most useless of mobs. They cannot be assigned to a job as they have no profession. You can think of these idiots as villagers who are just there and without a purpose. But they are part of the villagers and can be brought to the mansions, farms or your village like any other villager. The only thing that separates them from the villagers is that they have no trade.

What can Nitwits do?

What do the inhabitants of the green shirt do?

They are idiots. Their aim is to disappoint.

User info: brom54. The green-robed villager is the stupid villager and cannot have a profession.

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