Why did the old man create Squid Game?

Squid Game, a series on its way to becoming Netflix’s most-watched series, is currently number one in 90 countries.If you haven’t binged the nine-episode series of Squid Game, spoilers will be revealed below.

Why did the old man create the squid game?

Like any other game, the old man, whose real name is revealed to be Oh Il-nam, made Squid Game for fun and entertainment. As he tells Gi-hun after the latter arrives at the apartment and is amazed to see him alive, he is extremely rich. And when someone has that kind of money, eventually it comes to a point where nothing in the world can satisfy them. Il-nam was bored with his life, and after talking to his equally wealthy clients, he realized that they too felt the same. Having just about everything anyone could want, he apparently took the joy out of their lives.

Analytical theory of the old man character

There are many analyzes and theories about this character, half of the viewers think that he is Song Gi-hun’s dad because he just wants to be close to Gi-hun. But there are also people who think this character is full of mystery because he knows everything.

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Who is the real mastermind in Squid Game?

It makes sense that Il-nam is the number one player, as Gi-hun is quick to point out, because he’s the one who designed the game in the first place. There’s no way I can overstate his importance to the series because this is our first taste of how important he’ll become over time.

The old man in the squid game is a character based on a real person. The person the character is based on is a man known to be a very successful businessman. He is also known for his love of fishing and is known for his kind and generous personality.

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