Why did Minecraft randomly delete my world?

How do I recover a deleted Minecraft world on Xbox?

There are a few ways to recover a deleted Minecraft world on Xbox One. The first is to use the Xbox One Backup and Restore feature. This will create a backup of your world before it was deleted and you can then restore it if needed. Another option is to use the cloud storage feature of Xbox Live. This will allow you to download your world to your computer and then play it on Xbox One.

How to recover lost Minecraft worlds on Android

If you have a world backup, go ahead and restore it. The backup folder is available in the normal world selection. Simply select the world backup you lost and you will be able to bring it back.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t created a backup copy, that world is gone forever and there’s no way to restore it.

How to recover a deleted Minecraft world

To ensure that you can easily recover your Minecraft worlds, be sure to back up your worlds. In Bedrock Edition, select the pencil edit button next to the world in the main menu. Go to Game and scroll down to Copy World. This will ensure that you can always go back to that copied version if your original file becomes damaged or deleted. For Java Edition, simply copy the folder for the world to your PC or drive.

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If you haven’t created a backup version of your Minecraft world, things are much more complicated. Worlds are stored locally on your device, so if you delete them from your console or PC, they can be difficult to recover. If you are using a PC, you can try the following process:

Step 1: Check the Recycle Bin

In most cases, the first step to restore deleted files on Windows 10/11 is to check the trash. However, once a Minecraft world is deleted from the Trash (or once the Trash is emptied), this data recovery method is no longer relevant.

Therefore, Recycle Bin recovery is not possible in this scenario and the only way to find a missing or deleted Minecraft world is to look into the available backups or use a data recovery software tool.

How to backup Minecraft on Xbox

If you play Minecraft on an Xbox and have an Xbox Live account, your save files should automatically be backed up to cloud storage of Xbox.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you have access to up to 100GB of cloud storage. To enable automatic backups, select Settings > Application Data Management > Auto Upload > Enable Auto Uploads. Your saved data on the PS Plus Cloud should automatically be backed up.

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