Why are my villagers not breeding in Minecraft? SOLUTION

Minecraft Villagers Not Breeding ? Here’s How To Solve It

Minecraft Villagers Not Breeding ? Here's How To Solve It

On several occasions you try to reproduce your villagers, but unfortunately you can’t and that’s why today I bring you 7 errors and solutions regarding the reproduction of villagers.

Now we will explain all the possible solutions if you can’t get your villagers to reproduce in Minecraft

1- Filling your stock with food

This is the first mistake that is usually made when breeding villagers, filling your inventory with food. If you are one of those generous players who give a lot of food to your villagers, you are a convincing mistake.

It is a serious mistake to fill your villagers with food, because when you fill the villagers inventory, they will not be able to exchange items with each other, if they cannot exchange items because they both have a full inventory, they will not be able to breed.

The solution to this problem is to add another villager who has an empty inventory so the other villagers can empty their inventory.

2- Make Villager farms too close to villages.

Farming near a village is a mistake. You need to farm 150 blocks away from a village for the villager farm to work properly.

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3- Villagers must see and touch the beds

In order for villagers in Minecraft to breed, villagers have to see and be able to touch the beds. In the following image you will see what not to do, that is, in this case the villagers can see the bed, but cannot touch it.

bed and villagers minecraft

You must have the bed in a position where the villager can see and touch the bed.

4- There must be beds available.

Each villager is linked to a bed, so if you have two villagers, it is not enough to have only two beds, you must have at least a third bed for the new baby villager, which arises from the reproduction of the two villagers.

5- Not trading villagers

Another common mistake is not trading with the villagers. It is important that we trade with the villagers and this is essential if the villager has a full inventory.

6- Not giving enough food to the villager

The villagers must be fed but you must not overdo it and fill their inventory. Too little food is enough for them to reproduce.

My recommendation is to give each villager an unstack, i.e. 64 potatoes to one villager, 64 wheat to another villager. This will not fill up their inventory and is enough for them to reproduce.

7-The villager must be happy and not angry.

The villager must be happy, what you have to do is to trade with the villagers. Trading with the villagers always makes them very happy.

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