Why are kids obsessed with Minecraft?

My son has a one-pointed mind. Not about sex, but about screens… especially screens involving Minecraft.

I got an iPad for Christmas. We have succumbed to what appears to be a new law at school — every child, even those in second grade, must have an iPad, which is a cuddle. It has my old one and we track its usage heavily (mostly for Minecraft). Sometimes it feels like it’s just another thing to bribe him with. If you don’t do it first, you won’t be able to have screenshots later.

A difficult decision and a three-pronged strategy

Kate and Marc have come to the difficult decision that they can no longer allow their home screens to be used for addictive online games. Not only that, Kate and Marc also felt strongly that “these were key years of brain and general development for him, and ‘use it or lose it’ is a very real phenomenon. And he really needed that development!

Knowing this was going to be a long-term and difficult battle, Marc and Kate were careful about how to implement this new decision to ban online gaming in their home. They introduced this to Dillon carefully and gradually, while receiving coaching, to maintain perspective and focus.

Step 1: What is your motivation?

Take some time to think about why you play Minecraft and why you want to stop. The more clarity you have about why you are doing what you are doing, the easier it will be to take positive action to change it.

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These are the four main reasons why people play video games:

When intense interests become problematic

Intense interests can occasionally become obsessions and problems for a child . One way to determine if your child’s intense interest is problematic is to examine whether he is limiting her in social interactions, interfering with her performance in school, diminishing her interest and energy in all other activities, or isolating her from others. . If he’s adamant in his willingness to participate in other activities and seems to lack the ability to enjoy himself when she’s not allowed to pursue his passion, it’s time to take action. However, for the most part, these intense interests have many positive characteristics that can serve your child well now and in the future.

I generally don’t suggest worrying too much about this issue. While Minecraft may be the hub of your child’s recreational life now, that’s likely to change in the coming years. Many well-adjusted children become consumed by an interest in which they develop an experience. Children with these interests research, engage emotionally and cognitively, recognize what it takes to become an expert, and show persistence in pursuing their passion. The vast majority of these kids transition to something different within a few years.

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