Why apps are uninstalling?

Automatic uninstall of apps without your permission may be disturbing. Setting up your phone’s security system could help solve this problem. Note that not all Android phones have the same terms in their settings, but this process generally works for everyone.

You need to root your android phone first, then convert it from a user app to a system app. It is known that the system app will not be changed even if it is uninstalled, unless the Android phone is rooted. The default system apps location is now in the Catalog app.

Other problems

On the other hand, there might be some problems with offloading unused apps.

That is to say, some users report that their app data is actually deleted when an app is downloaded. We can’t independently confirm every case, but that’s definitely not how offloading is supposed to work.

Using Settings > General > iPhone Storage Method to Download an App

If you like the idea of ​​downloading apps, but don’t want your iPhone to do it for you, then they have the option to do this manually. Just go to Settings, then select the General option, followed by iPhone Storage.

You will then see an App Offload button which allows you to remove the app from the device keeping its data and documents, so in case you decide to download the app again in the future.

Root Android Phone

Rooting Android phone allows you to add new apps and remove unnecessary programs in your Android phone. In this article, I will be using root tools named “Root Genius”.

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Step 1: Download Root Genius on your PC.

Access Difficulty

Many apps require a lot of information before giving early access to the intended user. When users are asked for a lot of details before actually trying the app, they’re typically not willing to share until they’re sure the app has the features they’re looking for. This can be a huge deterrent for many people, leading to uninstalls.

The look and feel of an app is important to initially capture customers and keep them interested in visiting the app again and again. If the app doesn’t look appealing in terms of overall design, usability, and interface, it’s likely to quickly become a candidate for rebound, or worse, uninstall. According to Shopify, nearly 67% of customers abandon their cart before checking out, and 1 in 4 shoppers do so due to complicated navigation. That’s a lot of business to lose!

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