Who won Minecraft or Roblox?

The big advantage of Minecraft is the development and organizational structure. The game is continuously developed by a team of professional developers and content creators. This means that all mods and updates must pass the company’s quality standards. Not only is the game of consistently high quality, but parents don’t have to worry about inappropriate content or generally poor quality content.

Minecraft also allows your child to fully explore engineering concepts through building and world building. There are virtually no limits to what players can build in Minecraft when done to an appropriate scale. This means your child can practice creative and critical thinking skills as he builds new parts of the world.

How are they similar?

Without a doubt the most striking similarity between the two games is the rather basic visual style. Roblox, however, incorporates high-resolution elements into the simplistic designs compared to Minecraft’s pixelated blocks. The result for Roblox is a game with technically sharper graphics, as well as a vaguely LEGO look that adds an extra layer of appeal for some people.

Both games also share a general approach to the player experience, as each game provides a sandbox environment where players are free to use their imagination to recreate the virtual worlds around them, without restrictions .

Revenue Model

That header might raise a few eyebrows, after all Roblox is a free game and Minecraft is a one-time purchase title, but it’s something worth mentioning.

Despite its free-to-play status, Roblox is definitely a freemium title. Especially for developers looking to make a profit from game modification or hosting their own servers. The base game remains free-to-play, but to access items and sometimes game modes, both players and developers must purchase the game’s premium currency, Robux. These purchases add up over time, and of course there are always those instances where a child gets their hands on a parent’s credit card and ends up spending thousands of dollars on the game.

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Similarities between Roblox and Minecraft

Both platforms cater to the same age group, so there are many similarities between them. Both will also look the same as they have low graphics and a blocky aesthetic. Some of the main similarities are:

  • Both have no restrictions on creativity
  • Both platforms are quite popular
  • Both platforms follow the sandbox style

Minecraft: Java Edition

Platforms: Windows, MacPrice: $27

The one where it all began. The Java Edition of Minecraft represents in some ways true freedom and the original Minecraft experience. In a sense, the Java Edition is the “Roblox of Minecraft”, as it is a rather open platform that can be heavily modified and on which players can create their own standalone games (such as Bed Wars).

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