Who stole Itto’s vision?

Titles are quite common in Genshin Impact. From Kamisato Ayaka with the nickname Shirasagi Himegimi to all the Fatui Habingers with their own unique titles, most characters are limited to a single nickname that describes their personalities. However, in the case of Arataki Itto, the oni seems to enjoy using as many titles as possible.

How Itto got her vision

As for receiving visions, Itto got her vision rather disappointing. He just woke up one day with it under his hip. Excited, he showed it to everyone, his father, mother, grandmother Oni and everyone he met that day. He repeated the story so much that almost everyone got tired of hearing it.

It takes a few days for the story to change. He will brag about it, saying that it is a fact that the leader of the Arataki Gang has a Vision. Later, he changes his tune somewhat, saying that a Vision doesn’t decide a person’s worth. No matter what, Itto actually really appreciates his vision of him, even if he’s lost her for a while.

Who is Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact?

The upcoming version 2.1 update won’t include a new banner for Genshin Impact, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of new characters in the future. One of the next playable characters has been identified, and if the data mining is correct, it should arrive soon.

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Arataki Itto, also known as “The Oni Sumo King”, is an upcoming male Inazuma character. He is mentioned in several NPCs, message boards, and other playable character voicelines, and has a great rivalry with Kujou Sara, who stole his vision.

Editor’s Note: There will be story spoilers for Genshin Impact Chapter 2 Omnipresence Over Mortals Archon Quests in this video by Itto.

When the Traveler arrives at Inazuma during the Archon Quests of Chapter 2, he learns that the Raiden Shogun has issued a Vision Hunt Decree. The Tenryou Commission and Sara Kujou are tasked with taking visions in the name of preserving “eternity”. This character demo reveals Itto was among the people whose visions were stolen. First, it starts with him taking it back from the statue in which all the visions taken were embedded. After that, he flashes when he lost it.

Genshin Impact Leaks and new character Arataki Itto 

We know, for example, that Itto has a grudge against Sara because she stole his sight during the hunting decree, but now that the has reclaimed, is looking for a rematch. What is known is that he was a descendant of Arataki of the Front Gate, a well-known Inazuman martial artist.

Above all, he is part Oni, which puts him in the same category as the part Liyue, Ganyu, and Yanfei adept characters. He is also the leader of a gang and enjoys fighting bugs. We now know a lot more about Genshin Impact Arataki Itto and what to expect now that its release date has been confirmed and we saw a bit more of it in the version 2.3 teaser.

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