Who is the reaper in 7SEEDS?

I’m not kidding when I say I have no idea what happened the whole time I’ve been watching. Spoiler Alert

There were 12 episodes and more than 12 storylines throughout the season. Let’s open with Summer B and see our top four storylines. The world has ended and this group of people are the survivors. They were specifically chosen for their skills and their perspective on surviving in the new reality. We first follow Natsu, a girl who is super clumsy and her group teases her or tells her to fix it. Arashi’s whole goal is to see if his girlfriend survived. He goes on a mission, crossing Japan to find her. And Semimaru, it’s just for the ride. They have an older companion Botan, who is also their guide. They spend the first two episodes scavenging for food and the rest of their party members. Inform the group about your leadership role and what their goal is for the future.

Black Lagoon (200

Black Lagoon is one of the best anime you have ever seen in the field of action and adventure. It is about Rokurou Okajima, who is a passing salaryman his days trying to get a respectable position in the corporate world.

One day, while he is working in Thailand, things go wrong. He becomes a hostage of the Lagoon company, which is a group of ruthless pirate mercenaries. When the his manager refuses to pay the ransom, he gets caught with the group and even becomes a member of the group.

Qu’est-ce qu’un pixel de suivi (pixel espion) ?

Pixels below are code elements that allow following the user’s actions on a website or mobile application. They can be used to collect every single action made by a user on sites and applications. Ces données can be used to improve the experience de l’utilisateur, mais aussi pour cibler la publicité en fonction des intérêts de la personne.

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Pixels below are usually implemented in the form of small morceaux of JavaScript code or HTML balises that are embedded in web pages or mobile applications. When the user visits a page or uses an application that contains a suivi pixel, the code is executed and sends a request to an external server to record the user’s action.

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