Who is the most famous female gaming YouTuber?

Jen, also known as Jennifer Flagg, is widely known for her famous quotes like “The sink is shipping.” She is married to a man named Patrick Brown, who is the person behind PopularMMOs on Youtube. Like her husband, she loves to play Minecraft which can be seen through the wide range of Youtube videos of her. Together with her husband, she has a series called Roblox that has more than 4 million subscribers. In addition to her own channel, she also regularly appears on her husband’s YouTube channel.

Stacy Hinojosa is a Youtube gamer who is a huge Minecraft fan. She calls her own fans ‘Potato Flakes’ and loves to draw fanart as part of her series called Dogcraft. Almost every day, she uploads videos and most of them are part of a Minecraft theme. She also uploads vlogs on her other channel called stacyvlogs, but compared to her gaming channel, she doesn’t get much attention. Her gaming channel has over 1 million subscribers. She also regularly collaborates with other Youtube gamers.



Anastasia “Nast1a” Evdokina

Player Name: Nast1a Real Name: Anastasiya Evdokina DOB: N/A Country: Russia Overall Income: $23,515.47

Based on traffic sources, in the In the social media age with a collective network of 3 billion people spread across different platforms, YouTube’s top gaming influencers are able to offer brands a wide reach through their consumer-facing strategies. Both macro-influencers and ‘micro-influencers’ have established themselves within a particular consumer segment, offering brands a targeted and cost-effective marketing strategy.

The diverse and highly specialized nature of the best gaming YouTube channels has given rise to different types of influencers. Kotaku, derived from the Japanese word ‘otaku’ meaning nerd, has established its name among gamers as a trusted source of gaming-related news. Then there are others like IGN and Gamespot, who are known for their reviews. In addition to these, there are several individual influencers, such as PewDiePie, who post game walkthroughs, taking their viewers on a journey. There are also others like Ninja or Shroud, who are known for their esports expertise in titles like Fortnite and PUBG. Such diversity in the influencer industry and Youtube gamer landscape promotes specialization and competition; it offers brands the ability to reach their target consumer in a much more impactful way compared to traditional marketing.

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Brands can reach captive audiences.

Unlike pre-recorded content, live broadcasts facilitate active conversations through community chats. Being able to connect with the streamer and other viewers instantly keeps users engaged.

And while brands can run ads on these streams, creator associations have some clear benefits. For example, many users run ad blockers that can bypass the system and block paid content. On the other hand, the audience will pay attention when an influencer drops information about a product or service in the middle of their broadcast.


All of the female influencers who made the list are small channels that started with less than 500K subscribers just 90 days ago. As we mentioned in the past, small channels grow more aggressively. It’s also important to note that all of the channels below have grown at least 100% in the 90 days and would now be classified as medium channels. The following data is based on publicly available subscriber numbers on YouTube.

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