Who is the best Redstone user?

This redstone server is all about building beautiful redstone creations and having fun doing it. Feel free to join the redstone server at mc.openredstone.org, even if you are not a member.

If you’re not yet a pro in the realm of redstone, fear not! We have a school server to help people learn redstone and eventually become a member of the construction server. Check out sc.openredstone.org.


Super Gun

The supergun fires arrows, and is a very simple Redstone build in Minecraft; it is the fastest machine in the game, shooting very fast. You can place a lever, so you have to pull the lever every time you want to shoot someone. You can also connect three or more of these machines with a single switch using Redstone.

If you’re looking for a glass door for your modern home, you need to build this one. First, you will need to create the base of the door and establish the connection with the help of redstone. The glass in the center of the door gives it an elegant look and there is no switch for this door. When you go through that door, it will automatically open and close after a few seconds, which is rare in Minecraft.

Powered Blocks

Almost all blocks in Minecraft can be powered, either by containing a power source or by plugging into a power source, which, in this case, is redstone. A block of slime can also be powered, as long as it is connected to a powered redstone ore block.

However, the Slime block cannot feed its neighbor. It can only be powered. This is what sets redstone apart; it can be powered and power other blocks connected to it (as long as they are set up correctly).

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For further clarification, those familiar with coding should be familiar with the “If” statement, which is somewhat similar to the Redstone Comparator in Minecraft. For example, if the back of the dual torch is stronger than the left or right, the current will flow forward. “Otherwise”, the current will not flow forward. The subtraction mode is even more confusing, but thanks to YouTube content creator Eyecraftmc, gamers can get a general understanding of how it works. To toggle this mode on or off, interact with the single miniature flashlight at the front of the block. Next, the back will subtract from the side with the higher Redstone potency signal. For example, according to the Minecraft Wiki, if the rear has a strength of 7, the left is 2 and the right is 4, the output in the front will be 3, since the highest signal is 4. 

Regarding the creation of a Redstone Comparator in Minecraft, players will need the following materials:

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