Who is stronger warden or Ender Dragon?

Minecraft, the popular sandbox game first released on November 18, 2011, is making gaming more fun for its ever-growing community by adding new updates and features. Introduced in a live event in October 2021 and shown in a recent February 2022 prerelease, the Keeper will be a mob released in one of these new updates.

While slated to release with the 1.19 Wild update, players who like a little more challenge have plenty of reasons to be excited about this update. First, the Warden guards treasure chests and rare loot that make users more powerful. This is one reason why some in the Minecraft community are drawn to the Warden’s incredible strength because it provides a challenge to overcome and also ensures that not all players have overwhelmed loot.

Is the Warden stronger than the Ender Dragon in Minecraft?

The Ender Dragon is the final boss of Minecraft. Even though the guardian is a normal mob, he is much stronger than the Ender Dragon, a boss type mob. The guardian has been added to the Java Edition snapshot, so players can now know its life total and attack strength.

Here is a comparison between the Guardian and Ender Dragon stats:

Locating a Guardian

Guardians are only found at extremely low altitudes in the new Deep Dark biome. The one we were shown in the preview was pictured next to a new type of underground structure, suggesting that the mob is tied to structure generation, just like the Piglin Brute, and won’t respawn after being defeated.

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Guardian Stats

The Guardian has more health than any Mob and Boss in the game. Compared to Ender Dragon (200 health) and Wither (300 health), he has their combined health, at 500 health.

For reference, a normal Iron Sword only deals 6 damage. You would have to hit the Warden more than 80 times to kill him with just an Iron Sword.


For many years, the wither was considered the strongest mob in the game, even stronger than the ender dragon. This three-headed skeleton boss mob is unique simply because players have to create the body of him and summon the mob themselves to fight him, as it doesn’t spawn naturally in the world like every other mob in the game.

Once the wither spawns, an explosion will occur and the surrounding area will be destroyed. It will then prepare for a few seconds before hovering around and randomly firing explosive withers at any player or mob in sight. The wither’s total life total equals 150 hearts regardless of game difficulty in Minecraft Java Edition, while, in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the wither’s health varies depending on game difficulty, with 150 hearts being the minimum on easy and 300 hearts max on hard mode.

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