Who is lava Steve?

Neutral Attack: Attack performed by simply pressing the attack button, no directional input

Angled Attack: Attack performed by slowly tilting the directional input and pressing the attack button

Regular moves


  • Neutral Attack: Sword Strike
    • Use the attack button for a sword strike. If the button is held down, Steve will swing repeatedly.
  • Side Smash Attack: Side Swipe
    • The move is similar to the neutral attack, but can be charged to deliver a killing blow that will launch enemies.
  • Upward Tilt/Upward Airstrike: Ax Strike
    • The move is similar to Sword Strike, but as an overhead move; players can juggle an opponent in the air with each shot.
  • Sprint Attack: Pickaxe Strike
    • This strike is like all other strikes, but when connected, an opponent will lunge backwards.
  • Forward Airstrike: Pickaxe Forward Airstrike
    • Steve’s forward airstrike drops an iron block on top of an opponent’s head while swinging.
  • Rear Airstrike: Pickaxe Rear Airstrike
    • Think of this as the forward airstrike, but it will launch more left or right instead of straight down. Therefore, it makes it an excellent move for throwing enemies.
  • Down Air Attack: Anvil
    • This move also drops an iron block on an opponent. However, being a Down Air Attack, Steve will be on top of the block for increased throw range to enemies.
  • Down Tilt Attack: Fire
    • The move brings temporary fire in front of you, similar to PK Fire. As you can imagine, this is also great for blocking bullets.
  • Up Smash Attack: Magma Block
    • A large block of hot magma is placed on top of the character for a short period of time. This can be used as a shield for air strikes.
  • Down Smash Attack: Lava Bucket
    • Steve places a bucket into which lava pours onto enemies and throws them a short distance.
  • Grab: Grab the fishing rod
    • Players can reach long distances to lure others using the rod’s line. Once done successfully, opponents will be caged by a harmful fence for a short period of time.
  • Casting backwards: Casting the fishing rod
    • The line of the rod is used as a rope that gently throws opponents at medium distance.
  • Forward and upward throwing: piston
    • A piston is activated which launches enemies in the indicated direction at a short distance.
  • Down Throw: Anvil
    • The anvil can also be used here, but the throw range isn’t that significant.
  • Taunt: One of Steve’s three taunts is to devour a big steak in front of enemies. Very intimidating.
  • Jumping: Steve is not known to be a high jumper. In the presentation, it is shown that he can’t even jump to a pedestal on Battlefield except using his mid-air jump.
  • Use the attack button for a sword strike. If the button is held down, Steve will swing repeatedly.
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