Who is Indian Minecraft?


With a great technological development especially in the gaming sector, it is difficult to think that a pixelated game, dating back over a decade ago, which offers cuboidal blocks as building pieces could be popular among today’s gamers. However, Minecraft is one such game that has gained the most popularity among gamers and those seeking entertainment.


Technoblade is an extremely difficult opponent to encounter on the battlefield. He is recognized for his player versus player combat skills. His knowledge of game mechanics and how to use them to his advantage. It has had some exemplary results over the years. Beat Minecraft’s Hardcore Mode using a steering wheel as a controller. Technoblade holds some unbeatable win streaks from Bedwards, who maintains their position as the first competitor to hold a 1,000 win streak over Hypixel.

This Minecraft player won a gritty player versus player match against Dream and won a $100,000 cash prize. As challenging as he is on the general battlefield. Still, Technoblade is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the Minecraft leagues. He has never placed lower than the top ten in any tournament he has entered. Also, Technoblade is known for two winning teams during the championships.

Top Gaming YouTubers in India


Top 10 Minecraft Players in India – At number 10 we have McpeHindi. Who has a net count of 50.1k. He is a gamer who loves to play minecraft java and all round pocket edition and he also clarified that he loves to record videos while he plays, his real name of him is Rishav.

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Top 10 Minecraft Players in India – At number 9 we have Ezio18Rip, another popular name in Minecraft. His real name is Hitesh Kohli. He is a YouTuber and is very talented and streams fun and interactive game videos with a heavy dose of entertainment.

Top Minecraft Players: Check out the top 5 most followed Minecraft players and streamers from the Minecraft community

Ranboo is one of the most popular YouTubers streaming Minecraft and other gaming content on his Channel Youtube. Ranboo has more than 2.34 million subscribers on YouTube. Ranboo is around 17 years old and is known for the great content he posts about Minecraft.

Dream is definitely one of the most popular YouTuber who posts Minecraft videos on his Youtube channel. Dream has over 22.3 million subscribers on the platform. The 21-year-old YouTuber posts a lot of Minecraft content on his channel that gamers love to see, including popular theories in Minecraft called herobrine.

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