Who has red diamond play button?

It is made of gold plated brass. In March 2018, the look of the Gold Play Button was updated from a metal button housed within a window with the channel name printed on the front glass panel to a cleaner looking flat metal plaque with the name of the channel embossed on it.

MrBeast is the new number.

The custom play button

The custom play button is a YouTube award given to YouTube channels that have exceeded 50 million subscribers. The custom play button is made of gold plated brass and is 24K gold plated. To receive the customized play button, Youtube channels must pass a request process and be approved by YouTube.

The Red Diamond Play Button is a Youtube award given to Youtube channels that have exceeded 100 million subscribers. The Red Diamond Play Button is similar to the Diamond Play Button but is made specifically for channels that achieve this milestone. To receive the Red Diamond Play Button, Youtube Channels must go through an application process and be approved by YouTube. The Red Diamond play button is then sent to the channel’s address and the channel is required to post a video accepting the reward.

What is the Diamond Play Button?

Youtube play button levels are assigned to five distinct ranges of success. Three of the creator awards are relatively common, while the remaining two are the more elite tiers to reach.

  • Silver play button awards are achieved with 100,000 channel subscribers.
  • Gold play buttons are awarded to 1 million subscribers.
  • The Diamond play button is awarded to 10 million subscribers.
  • The Custom creator or custom play button award is given to channels that obtain a following of 50 million subscribers.
  • The rare Red Diamond play button is for 100 million subscribers.
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Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited is a company trading as T-series. It is an Indian film production and label founded by Gulshan Kumar on 11 July 1983. Also, it is one of the biggest record companies in India. This company has a YouTube channel which is one of the most viewed and subscribed channels on Youtube. Additionally, the company has thirteen members working for the YouTube team. Due to its popularity on YouTube, it was awarded the YouTube Red Diamond Play Button.

Cocomelon is a popular American YouTube channel specializing in 3D animated videos of traditional English nursery rhymes. In addition, they contain the original children’s songs from nursery rhymes. In 2020, this channel has become one of the most viewed channels on YouTube. The channel has kids, adults and animals talking to each other and singing rhymes.

How long does it take to get the silver play button?

There is no specific average time for the play button, but to get 100,000 subscribers you can look at the existing stats of known channels. Various specialists have stated that it takes around 200-400 videos to reach 100,000 subscribers if you work hard. Sure, some channels really nail it and make it much faster, but those are rare.

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