Who can defeat warden?


How to defeat The Warden

The Warden is a blind mob, and if he plays well you can use that to your advantage. While looting an ancient city, you will come across a block called a sculk shrieker. After activating these four times, The Warden will materialize, crawling out of the ground around you.

The Keeper hunts with vibration and smell. He is also a passive target, until someone counters him enough to hunt him down. If you want to avoid a summoned Warden, keep in mind that he can’t hear you sneaking around (he can smell you if you’re too close, though), fire a projectile, or stand still. After sixty seconds of no threat, the Warden will return to the depths until he is summoned again.

Some simple ways to kill the Warden

Since the Warden follows you with sound and remembers your scent if you attack him, Lana is useful because she silences your footsteps and masks your scent . For an attack to work effectively against the Guardian, your weapons must be Netherite and enchanted with powerful attack abilities. Finally, since the Warden is 3 blocks tall and at least 1 block wide, he cannot enter confined spaces. With these in mind, here are some easy ways to kill a Warden if you have the misfortune to encounter one:

  1. Dig a 1×1 tunnel 3-4 blocks underground and attack it from below.
  2. Mount upwards for 4 or 5 blocks and attack it from above, preferably with enchanted bows and arrows
  3. Keep her at bay using buckets of water and attack her from a distance
  4. Using lava buckets and ranged attack also uses the same strategy as above, but kills the Warden faster due to fire damage.
  5. Secure your items and set a respawn point near or at the Warden’s location and kill him within time with one shot per respawn.
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Warden Abilities

Now that you know how to find the Warden, it’s crucial that you know what it can do. If you want to fight him blind then you will have a hard time because he will surprise you a lot. However, we will go over his abilities and attacks so that you know what to expect when fighting him.

Next we will talk about his attacks and passive debuffs. His normal melee attacks are not mentioned as these are basically hard punches that can kill you in one or two hits depending on the difficulty.


First, you need Netherite armor to fight the Warden. Although she can only take two hits, other forms of armor are worse! Anything below it will cause you to die from a single hit!

To increase the number of hits you can take, use armor enchantments. You can equip all your items with IV Protection or use the Swift Sneak Pants enchantment. This will increase your stealth speed and allow you to travel faster in the ancient city without tripping any stealth sensors.

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