Which weapon has highest damage in Minecraft?

How to get: Craft with an iron ingot and a flint

Critical hits

Weapons in Minecraft have a chance to land a critical hit , making a deal with bonus damage weapons. For melee weapons, they will only critically strike when you fall. This increases damage by 150%. To make this happen, you can either jump off a high point or drop while attacking. The crit only occurs while falling and not while jumping, so it can be difficult to master.

For ranged weapons, critical hit damage is increased by 190% randomly. This means that ranged weapons are slightly better at dealing critical hits, as you don’t have to create a situation where you’re falling in order to score a crit. You won’t always score a critical hit, but it’s generally easier to score critical hits and for higher damage using ranged weapons.

Netherite Sword + Sharpness

Sword (image via. pcgamer.com)

Swords are the most popular melee weapons in Minecraft and they definitely make the list of best weapons in Minecraft. The netherite sword is among the best and can be made even stronger in the damage department with the Sharpening Enchantment.


Swords are a staple in Minecraft PvP. You’d think a sword, built for combat, would be the best weapon in Minecraft. Well, that’s not true, it’s not even second best. While it’s not the best, it can still deal a lot of damage. It’s quick and easy to use, and requires fewer resources than the best weapon on this list. Among the variety of swords, the Netherite one is the best as it can deal 8 points of attack damage which equals 4 hearts of health. With a Sharpness V enchantment, it will deal 11 damage, and with a critical hit, it will deal 15 damage. This is enough to bring a person down.

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Trident Weapons

Tridents deal similar damage to a sword, but have the added benefit of being able to be thrown and deal similar damage. They are harder to obtain than other weapons and must be found as drops from drowned mobs. The “Loyalty” spell is extremely useful for tridents, as it gives you the trident back after you cast it.

By far the main advantage of using a bow is the fact that it deals damage from a distance. Regular bows aren’t very strong, but once you start adding enchantments they are very powerful!

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